Sofu Teshigahara, Coloured Pictures of Representative Flower Arrangements by SOFU. Yohan Publications, 1965.

Arrangement 6. When a twig is attached to the bottom of the stem marked 0 in the picture, any branch, whatever shape it may be, will easily be made to rest steady in the vessel. Applying this method it is possible to set the stem in any vessel regardless of its shape.

Arrangement 11. The constituents of a good flower-arrangement lie in the lines, the surface area, the density of the mass, and the striking points, and in the colours. The arrangement shown in the picture is a good example demonstrating such combined beauty. Our ideal of flower-arrangement is to creat beauty by freely combining various flowers and leaves, as a painter would paint or a musician wouldwriting music, so that the beauty of our dreams may be substantialized