(after Matthea Harvey)

Becca Klaver

(b.) Along with its pal, Creation.
(ca.) The Big Bang.
(colloq.) The Big One.
(superl.) The Biggest One.
(accus.) You ruin everything!
(educ.) A Bunch of Children Left Behind.
(ant.) Gussying it all up.
(syn.) Dressing down, down to your bones.
(onomat.) Pow! Crash! Pkwww!
(naut.) Walk the plank.
(paleontol.) Caught between a rock and a hard place. Forever.
(agric.) Too many clear blue skies.
(KJV) Job 18:12 His strength shall be hungerbitten, and it shall be ready at his side.
(pseud.) Cap'n Catastrophe.
(euphem.) Pervasive lack of upkeep.
(interj.) Shitballs!
(bibl.) Horsemen come a-ridin'.
(univ.) This pomo moment has been brought to you by Derrida.
(masc.) You wanna take this outside?
(fem.) Bitch bitch bitch.
(derog.) Unless you weren't really a fan of all that order to begin with.
(Confed.) You say United, we say, Y'all's states.
(meteorol.) We do this every day.
(mil.) We got you beat.
(fut.) Time to disarm, little big boys.
(dimin.) Bomblette.
(d.) Universe smooshed into a suitcase.




I owe Matthea Harvey all the credit for coming up with this form in the poem "Definition of Weather." My favorites from hers: "cones n' canes" and "pancake ice." My last good hope is that "bomblette" begins to do her idea justice.