Lightsey Darst

I was very upset after reading your article. Notes, always only notes. A good medicine
can have risks such as death. Sorry. She came back and said, I think it's a sin,

it's weird it's very flattering, told the mourners, “This was a man.” Yessir. They found
his battered boat and paddle, but meanwhile he showed up at her door sounding

dirty and disheveled, with plans to open an eco-retreat. A lethal cocktail of methadone
& antidepressants, also five other drugs, the former Dancing with the Stars contestant

now former everything. Please don't inform the part of the brain that controls
a combination of exhaustion & stress, she goes deer hunting with a lover, then dons

a pink wig without her headlights on. I'm happy to say I've bounced back from
my alleged suicide attempt. You really want to be with somebody, but next morning

you'll barely recall me, announce her furious boys in a joint statement. On day 3, he asked
wax or real? Before that they'd kissed and caressed each other's backs

like good automatons with matching motorcycles & breast implants, they resembled
an ordinary, loving couple trying not to make idiots of themselves said witnesses.

Absolutely don't take the kids. The correct term for someone not actively serving is
former Marine, feels absolutely right. After mattress-shopping who doesn't swim in ditches?

Finally, I need to say, thanks for the bikini-photo blog post, I needed every nipple. How
could you continue to let us believe our dad had died when / doesn't matter: this starry now.



Eminen recovering from pneumonia.
Cardinal. Beauty. Religious. Major sin.










"Ursa majorettes" comes from a longer sequence on news, reading, death, and, you know, everything, called Dance. This particular poem is a lot of People Magazine run through a blender. Britney Spears is the one in the pink wig; Brangelina also make an appearance. (Not that I think it's important to recognize them. But everyone likes trivia.)