DIAGRAM is an electronic journal of text and art.

As our name indicates, we're interested in representations. In naming. In indicating. In schematics. In the labelling and taxonomy of things. In poems that masquerade as stories; in stories that disguise themselves as indices or obituaries.

Submission guidelines for DIAGRAM are below.

We sponsor (along with New Michigan Press) a yearly chapbook competition. Submission guidelines for the contest can be found here. All unpublished chapbook submissions are considered for DIAGRAM.

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All work on the site is copyright © the original authors. Please do not reprint without permission (though it will be likely given).



SUBMIT interesting text, images, and new media.

WE VALUE the insides of things, vivisection, urgency, risk, elegance, flamboyance, work that moves us, language that does something new, or does something old--well. We like iteration and reiteration. Ruins and ghosts. Mechanical, moving parts, balloons, and frenzy. Buzz us.

WE WANT art and writing that demonstrates / interaction; the processes / of things, both inner and outer; how certain functions are accomplished; how things become. How they expire. How they move or churn, or stand.

We'll consider anything you see fit to send us.

We enjoy traditional forms. We eschew traditional forms. We lie. Send us annotations, schematics, poems, sentence diagrams, definitions. Make us love you.


[New submission instructions 07/28/02]

We prefer electronic submissions, all things being equal, but we'll be happy to consider hardcopy, too.


  • prose — []
  • poetry — []
  • art/queries/else — []

Don't sweat the genre definitions; we don't. If you don't want to make the call, send it to [].

For text, copy the first 200 words or so into the body of your message, and attach a full copy in Rich Text Format or MS Word format.

For images, send a low-res version in JPG or GIF format. If it's something else, please explain.


51 Cedar Crest
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

(Send print/s, slides, zip disks, CDs, magnetic tapes, or punch cards—we prefer to avoid 1.4 meg disks if possible, though we can deal with them if necessary)


Simultaneous submissions are fine with us as long as we are informed, as long as you let us know immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere.

Typically, we acquire first serial rights for work we publish (which means we do not normally consider previously published work). All rights revert to the authors/artists after publication, and the works can then be reprinted (though we ask that we get an acknowledgment as its place of initial publication).