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cede Michael Cross

We cannot say concerning a wolf which eats another wolf that it violates the law decreeing that ordinarily wolves do not eat one another. It does not violate this law; it has simply found itself in circumstances where the law no longer applies.

Georges Bataille

Because the gush of color is held back, it mobilizes more violence, potentializes the double energy: first the full encircling ring, the black line, incisive, definitive, then the flood of broad chromatic scales in a wash of color.

Jacques Derrida

Every animal is in the world like water in water…

Georges Bataille


have oaths evinced the metron still and still each sovereign rest despite the socius and its white they race toward the total of the social white takes honey as to face the abdomen in excess a tangerine encampment, such that hacceties neither fold themselves free the lapping ancillary mass at the ankles of the ring’s arrangement by which behavior makes itself a lenity.

wares laid silhouette en-masse, the lime treesthe sacer green impugn to cast the Hegemon both teeth and brook the Cardinal and its epigone on foot to face, turn and face the Hegemon face the fissure of the sacer on one, Earth, its nexus of tags by which World, surface of embattlement, the other (crimson) lyric-less Despiser were one to say

the gnosis once lye from fallow bits to tire, staged by the doxa of the police folk ways want me tarred aside the rood a stealer short partition and surrection animal has thrice the cusp, mauled me by its lawlessness in so far as demos, the supplement stage a single figure by right alembic tongue mouth’s variety of black depth to condition the surface of the ring for the figure of the wolf and fawn how the king’s two bodies still a center of consensus, the grackle paws the concrete as it flees

lynch and gyre squared by hand and level at the lip of law there by horse pins rivet to the canticle wants barren there needs the sure hand squares the hunter by its meats it weighs there for to leave the copse, tarry by the slack pile, law says Logik—draws on owl to disengage the chalk springs lit upon entrance nothing more: master from entelechy, a hide enthinned

dead heat and center shore the signet wind ascribes its noumenon pronounce the trapper’s mount the eyelet’s teeth and limb the other wants its fatigable lip submerged, the bottle lip, swoll lymph by prime leges couched leged and garbed by strake of nerves its lot endures the king’s synchronal thrones at either end his word

but one quint the coruscent figure, disport plumes and fife as drops arranged the surface of the strake planks once more, the gestalt two, each to each a boon of catholic sympathies to reach or leap away the Disinhibitor by drone, dram, doxa lex records the quietus of Spirit, cylindrical drums ground to rapport flattened flush a sixth

cadence and the will affined each trope to sight and sight to see in keys the time of which apportioned share, matter of its relumine command its word then the sepulchral, buckram, gauche, affixed by carbon tress draped slipshod from the scepter to the scythe nomos finally holden to a kind of cribbed proximity tensor by the throat, it says the plover there, matrices of animal and hand

whiteness can one add to white but white course proffer at the skirt of cause it was Twombly and wholly in some other reference to how a lake we know in common yields the business of a mark by four pendulant inflections a boxy vent as to air the swan its ebullient row of grace no more nothing of the shaled discs, unfettered ware’s ledgers of the rout, volumes of yet dregs deterred in throes of vulgar matting and a sense serves mercy: umwelt by its compass, proffered frame by which each prey to each each mouth to each to hand

bands for police, pocketed trice, light banded veiling threads the matter and its geist the slate jut marks an outcropping clay, peasant boots their collars give what art reveals by how the sovereign’s hand, cloying in the mirror as the codicil by virtue of its frames replete, restitute, dark circles on the white stay for hills / earth / sky / night / clouds

to be rendered sans stock of crux and wont, logged above the demos and the stage like Pound on Mencius on Confucius, (later) Olson on Twombly: what whiteness can one add to white, what candor in the face of the ring of address in Pisa say, for Twombly, the frame maintains its course of shape the frame-abyss, Apollo in the woods, lake-red for sacrifice and use

candor is enough to say the swallow at the sovran’s tongue an aufheben at least the trauma and to grasp—begriff—to grasp and fork the cantor of his pared throat here the Tlingit coffin is a fosse said / scored the rest, one hundred twenty seven times at rest the death


candor lends its name to cede we see the matron and her switch betwixt Apollo’s four bronz’d tongues

the rest its name, rather, cede it as a legacy / Cowls, Hoods and Habits with thir wearers tost /

Long after, now unpeopl’d and