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God’s Consultant Andrew Neuendorf

God hired a consultant to correct the mistakes Adam made when naming things.

“Snow,” said the consultant, “will now be referred to as ‘sadness.’ When before it was snowing, now we will say ‘It is sadness outside.’”

“Can we assume,” asked God, “that what was previously known as sadness will now be referred to as ‘snow,’ so that when we are sad, we will say ‘I am snowing?’”

“No,” the consultant said, “what sense would that make? Instead, when we feel sadness, we will now refer to it as ‘wonder,’ saying, ‘My father has just died. I am wondering.’”

“What then, can I ask, will we call it when we wonder?” asked God.

“There is no need to change it,” the consultant replied. “Adam chose wisely. Wonder could stand to be bigger.”