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Submission Guidelines for Reviewers, Publishers, and Authors From the Editors


Double Room will accept open submissions of prose poetry and flash fiction from September 1, 2004 to November 1, 2004. Works accepted during this period will be published in issue #5. Please write your last name in your subject line and email your submission as a MS Word or Rich Text Format attachment to:

Submit no more than three prose poems or two flash fictions at any time. Please send all of your work as a single attachment. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but please notify us immediately if your work has been accepted elsewhere. You may define prose poetry and flash fiction however you wish, but a perusal of our past issues will give a strong idea of how we view the forms. Double Room obtains First North American Serial and/or Electronic Rights. All rights revert back to the author upon publication. Upon acceptance we ask for a short bio and your response to one of our Questions on the Forms. Work received outside of the submission period will be deleted.

For Reviewers:

Before submitting a review, you should become familiar with the work and the reviews in Double Room, and then send an email query to that includes a c.v. (or résumé) and a writing sample. We are only interested in reviews of books that have a significant number of prose poems or flash fictions. Please indicate that you would like to submit an original review that has not been published elsewhere, and whether you need the book sent to you or already have it in your possession. Be sure to provide the book title, author, and publisher. At that time, we will consider you for a review assignment.

Our review guidelines are as follows:

1) Reviews must be between 500 and 2000 words. Because we are exclusively an online journal we have the luxury of not being limited to a certain length. But, anything more than 2,000 words is probably more suitable as a scholarly essay than a review (though we are admittedly flexible on this part). We would like reviews to be at least 500 words.

2) We try to focus on current releases, which means books released within the last year. But, if it’s a book that should be reviewed (esp. by a small press) that has not been reviewed or has received little attention—and deserves more—we’ll certainly consider it.

3) If you become a regular reviewer for Double Room, we attempt to assign books according to your interest, so please let us know what those are. If the book we send fails to inspire you, we would prefer you let us know so we can reassign the book and send you something else. In other words, we encourage a discussion of books that are worthwhile, rather than reviews that are mostly negative.

4) Deadlines are determined upon assignment, but are firm.

5) We reserve the right to edit your review. We will attempt to discuss any major changes with the reviewer, but depending on time constraints this may not be possible. Therefore, by submitting your review, you agree to our edits. We also reserve the right not to publish a review if we feel it does not meet Double Room standards or if it conflicts with our mission and aesthetic.

6) All quotations from the primary text should include page numbers and a complete MLA citation for any secondary sources.

7) Double Room obtains First North American Serial and/or Electronic Rights. All rights revert back to the author upon publication. But, please discuss any reprint plans with us.

8) When sending a submission, please send it as an attachment in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format to Your subject line should be as follows: “Review of” + “the author’s last name of the book you are reviewing.” Upon acceptance we will ask for a short bio.

For Publishers & Authors:

Double Room considers books that have a significant number of prose poems and flash fictions. We accept printed books and electronic files. Publishers or authors who would like to have a new release considered for review are welcome to submit review copies and any relevant press information to one or both of the following addresses:

Mark Tursi
Department of English
University of Denver
Denver, CO 80218


Peter Conners
999 Park Avenue
Rochester, NY 14610

We cannot review everything we receive, though all books are given ample consideration. Since we are a bi-annual publication, it may take several months to consider a book. We will notify you if your book is selected for review.