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Featured Artist Fran Herndon

Fran Herndon has lived in the Bay Area since the late '50s. Prior to this time she lived and worked for two years in France where she met and married the writer Jim Herndon. She collaborated with Jack Spicer on Heads of Town up to the Aether (lithographs) and on J magazine. Her sports collages were later published in Everything as Expected with narrative by Jim Herndon. Some of these collages were later reprinted in Golem (Granary Books, 1999) as an accompaniment to Spicer's Fix poems Her work was also featured on a 2003 holiday broadside printed by the Rare Book Collection of the State University of New York at Buffalo and is also forthcoming in Five Fingers Review. She recently showed her work at the Canessa Park Gallery in San Francisco, CA.

Selected Works

On the Other Side
acrylic on paper
13.25" x 17.75"

mixed media
13.5" x 10.5"


Majorcan Hill
acrylic on paper
27.5" x 19.5"

acrylic on paper
19.5" x 27.5"


Imaginary Forest
India ink on paper
13.75" x 10.75"
mixed media
14.75 x 22
Plane Trees
acrylic on paper
30" x 24"
Floating Amobe
India ink + orange spot
9.75" x 12.75"
ink on paper
11" x 9.75"