Cole Swensen

The Fourth Month: April: with Preview of Jeanne dArc


Land, air and water. Must be added fire. Is utterly altered by fire. 
                                             Are utterly altered. And is element only and

in fact the
only element, only earthly example of four-dimensional form
hour by hour; I suppose
                                                                                                       its true and must
              aligned with
              that ensure, that erased                            inherent in (the very notion of) time.

Id rather live in the cold. The three-dimensional, the sky was red, the hours invented and 
                                                                                                                        then bent to serve.
Someone. Hears.

                                  An arbitrary machine called Heaven, a silent engine, a single woman

said no, it heals, said the flames seal something I was just about to think

                                            anneals. I see an edge.



May 19, 1435: The Great Freeze


Of severe
             (sever the
             (was weighted so and of this cold which
I saw
             (this year in which no flowering thing flowers
in a single tree,
a tree split lengthwise by the cold
this morning
were counted
and from the cold had died a hundred
and forty
birds, the life
of little stones, to walk around
seeing things.