Ronald Johnson





    from The Shrubberies


lacewing flit smoketree

scent of honeysuckle

utterly transformed

a frieze of dogwood

fence of forsythia

of rose-purple iris

an enchanted hedge

outthrust of swords

green as they be

forbid flesh entry

light put into words

like an iceberg

sunk unceasing sea

a scroll of cirrus

wedgewood blue the sky

breeze weft wisteria

take dip in pool

tree veined moon

yet saddle a wind

harness the mind

rolled beyond borders
 whirl calf-rope 
bull toss cape aside

arena half calm half
incipient cataclysm

horsewagon silhouette

barb-wire tumbleweed

pass ore’d horizon

trumpet & tuba & drum

range home!

0 shadow bull