Will Alexander

Optic Wraith


Her eyes
like a swarm of dense volcano spiders
woven from cold inferno spools

clinging to my palette
like the code from a bleak inventive ruse

my understanding of her scent
is condoned as general waking insomnia
as void
as a cataleptic prairie
frayed at the core
by brushstrokes of vertigo

then mazes
& scents
& balances conducted
within the spore of a freshly cut alum

so that she lends to me
a de-enlivened motion
a tortured hummingbird’s sortie
as if

I had buried my breathing
in vitreous claims of acid
condemned to wearing on my back
the remnants of a dark inferno laundry

because her presence exists
I always write to myself
notes of withdrawal
notes of flameless nautical urges
igniting my disappearance
as if a flame had blown my body in two
ruined in its essence
by an animated squalor
like a disrupted stone
in a blazeless infidels’ mirror

at times
I feel bi-form & theriantropic
unclassifiable with rumor
with omens
with sabotage
like a sun in a squandered maelstrom house

a love affair by debit
by shattered interior pulley
with one of my meandering acts
raffling off poison by camouflage

after 5000 hours of post-battailous fervour
I became anonymous incarnadine
salamandrine in ethos
by her insidious optical infiltration
my powers then suspended
in an optional well of dice
wandering its bottoms
in distorted plastique
with the rays front her body
more pertaining to the subtrahend
more pertaining to the feelings
that have abandoned themselves across blizzards

life now
occurring within contagions
within the 5 caliginous motives
spun from acts of devastation

so I apply myself
to the sculpting of treacherous grain
creating from depletion
a dense ambiguous treatise on wood

as combatant on a galleon
I am boiling
transcendental with display

so that
I’m rooted & ceaseless with movement
withdrawn & cataclysmic
then ambiguous with rain
never mentioning
to any one of my motions
or any rift
in terms of climbing or pattern

so when I think of her optics
each of my shadows
corrupts around a pole
of a fierce & blazeless assessment

identity then collapsing
around a stunning shift of Myrmidons
of blood eidolics
of steam from the pores of mirages

I am de-identified in brokenness
my atoms subsumed
in harems of spittle

I wander within the fright
within the moon of her blank volcano arms

her sensations
like a thrice conceived lava
pouring from a riddled torturing urn

an urn
which I know to be destroyed
eaten by aphotic transparency

I remain then
the riddle from the blazing galleon
the pariah
plunged through psychotic mirages

perhaps I hail front a spinning suborder or vacuum
or from a hamlet which post-exists
without a fecund monetary climate

her mazes have left me dim
aroused with perpetual perplexity

I have not risen from the sea
to simply capture a body
or break a series of flamelets in two

here I am
left in dysphotic trance
my actions subdivided
like a pestilential mark
struck from obsidian lightning bells

yet I remain
alphabetically living
as plain abdominal hunger
mired in the dalliance of aboriginal mirage

philosophically half-voided
with a trenchant folio as debate