Body and Soul

Kim Addonizio

Where do you think the soul is?
Do you think it looks like a small paper bag,

the kind that contains one item—
candy bar, liquid soap, pint bottle?

Is it crumpled up behind the heart?
Is it folded neatly and wedged between the ribs,

is it wrapped around the balls, is it damp
like a cunt, has it been torn?

The body isn’t the house.
If the body is the house,

is the soul up late in the kitchen, sleepless,
standing before the open refrigerator,

is it tired of  TV,
sickened by its own thoughts?

The body has no thoughts.
The body soaks up love like a paper towel

and is still dry.
The body shoots up some drugs,

sweats and weeps—
Sometimes the body 

gets so quiet
it can hear the soul,

scratching like something trapped
inside the walls

and trying to get out,