"No One Visible" by Alan Beard
"All Day Breakfast" by Carrie Berry
"Absolution" by Myfanwy Collins
"Dismounting the Tiger" by James Jay Egan
"A Still Life" by Joseph M. Faria
"My Father's Shoes" by S. D. Byrd
"Good Faith" by Tiff Holland
"North Carolina 1960" by Dianne McKnight
"Dirty Derby" by John Minichillo
"Mohammad in America" by Gabriel Orgrease
"Summertime in Lindos" by Valerie Polichar
"The Beginning of Relief" by Barbara Snow


Special Prose Poetry Issue

    Guest edited by James Grinwis

"Introductory Angle on Prose Poetry" by James Grinwis
"Two Prose Poems" by Hoag Holmgren
"Two Prose Poems" by Anthony Tognazzini
"Death Salad" by Kathleen Aguero
"Bedrock" by Ray Gonzalez
"Two Prose Poems" by Sherrie Flick
"Two Prose Poems" by Forrest Hamer
"A Prose Poem" by Johannes Goransson
"Beauty of the Known World" by Kathleen McGookey
"Absolom, the Long Hair" by Diane Glancy
"Rejoice" by Peter Conners

"Anthony Piccione Award Winner" by Ilya Kaminsky

"July 4, 2003" by Peter C. Greer


"A Message From Don Juan's Granddaughter" by Marisa Duarte
"A Manual for Survial in India in the Sixties" by Richard Meyers
"Faces Wild: Why The Battle of Algiers Goes On" by Steve Street


Maryanne Stahl's The Opposite Shore review by Beverly Jackson
Harold Bloom's Genius review by Anna Sidak



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