Peter Conners

Postcards, gas bills, love letters tinged with pheromones. I donít know whether it is an act of trust or a test of loyalty but people keep giving me things to mail. This is too much though. Marked undeliverable. Instead I will sit here dreaming of packages that open into a future they will never reveal. Only ritual, only more ritual: cats and dogs poised to hear bell chimes through a shifting maze of seasons. This nip in the air. Temple of June Bugs, Kingdom of Worms; the time of our awaited birth is awash in new currents, baptized in rivers of whiskey and winter. Strange flowers planted to pick or plow under. As you will.

Peter Conners Peter Conners is founding co-editor of the Web del Sol journal, Double Room: A Journal of Prose Poetry & Flash Fiction. His chapbook, The Names of Winter, was just released and is available from FootHills Publishing or He lives in Rochester, NY where he is Marketing Director for BOA Editions.


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