Anthony Piccione Memorial Award

    Ilya Kaminsky

In Posse Review , Poets For Peace/United Poets Coalition, an international arts campaign, and Small Spiral Notebook, co-sponsors, are pleased to announce that Patricia Frisella of Farmington, New Hampshire, is the winner of the Anthony Piccione Memorial “Poets For Peace” Award.

As part of this award, Ms. Frisella received one of the remaining signed copies of For The Kingdom by the late Anthony Piccione. In addition, her e-chapbook was published by Small Spiral Notebook and one of her poems, "Satyagraha," is now published by In Posse Review (see below).

We warmly congratulate Ms. Frisella on this award!


    Patricia Frisella

I will capture snowflakes with a horse’s black eyelash
while your bombs scream into mud.
I will pick sun-warmed buttercups and strawberries
while rivers of warning flood your villages.
I will wear violet scarves and dance by moonlight
while your empires collapse, weighed down by gold.
I will eat apples and plums while your hunger
consumes you. I will know you with my eyes shut.
I will know that you sleep open-eyed, a saber
under your pillow. When you become ash
and brittle bone, I will be the wind whistling
through your skull and singing your name.

Patricia Frisella lives on a tree farm with her husband, two teenage children, and a menagerie of creatures large and small. While she had a few poems published in high school, she spent most of her writing time on essays, short stories and magazine articles until about 15 years ago when she returned to poetry. President of the Poetry Society of New Hampshire, she has work forthcoming in Tapestries and The Margie Review.


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