J. P. Dancing Bear

About the poets. . . . All of the poets in this issue should be better known than they are. Although you may have heard of them before, may have read their work, or even have followed their careers, I dare say a larger audience should be reading their work. Why? Because these authors cross boundaries; they do not attach militantly to only one style or school, but morph as each poem requires. Each has buzz, energy, a vitality that keeps the work interesting and a joy to read, regardless of the emotional weight. The poets in this issue not only have admirable skills, but it is obvious that all of these authors enjoy what they are doing, and it shows in their work. Aside from the drive, and the need to say something, there is a joy in the way they have chosen to deliver their messages.

J. P. Dancing Bear's

. . . poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Shenandoah, Poetry East, North American Review, Atlanta Review, Poetry International, Puerto Del Sol and many more. He is the editor of The American Poetry Journal. Bear is the owner of Dream Horse Press and host of "Out of Our Minds" a weekly radio show for public radio station KKUP featuring some of today's best contemporary poets. His chapbook, What Language, won the 2002 Slipstream Press Poetry Prize. His book, Billy Last Crow, was published by Turning Point Books in 2004.