Present Company Included

Matthew Cox

Matt Cox is not a monster. He is
a fiction. Accordingly, he may be addressed
in the third person only. His right hand
knows not what his left hand does.
This, as you might guess, makes
tying shoelaces impossible; ditto
opening beer cans. His wife helps often,
but tires easily. She is six months
pregnant with a fiction. Matt Cox is
the idea of himself, stolen and sold
back at a discount price. This is not a joke:
you can make a profit on anything. The extra cash
will come in handy; raising a fiction
is so expensive. When Matt Cox
goes shopping, he walks in the rain. It can't be helped.
Even on summer days he shows up wet. .

Matthew Cox

Matthew was born in 1979 in Oakland, CA. He lives in Portland, OR with his wife and newborn daughter.