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Maryanne Stahl joins us as a fiction editor. Maryanne is a writer and folk artist who lives on a lake in metro Atlanta with her husband, son, dog, cats, ducks and other wild creatures. Her work has recently appeared in Sunscripts, Snow Monkey, Mindkites, Vestal Review, The Paumanok Review, and Salon. Her first novel, Forgive the Moon, will be published by New American Library (Penguin-Putnam) next year. She's going to add a whole new dimension to In Posse, for sure.

Once again we have an amazingly diverse selection. That's what I envisioned for In Posse, a smorgasbord of work, with something everyone's sure to enjoy and tasty new and unusual tidbits to try. So take a bite, at least, of everything. It just might enlarge your menu of favorites.

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In Posse: Potentially, might be ...