We are delighted to be able to offer you a special section on Paul Celan. Paul Celan was perhaps the greatest European poet after 1945. The issue includes an interview with John Felstiner, a Stanford professor and aclaimed critic and translator, as well as the author of a renowned biography, "Paul Celan: Poet, Survivor, a Jew" (Yale University Press) and editor of "Collected Poems Paul Celan" (W.W. Norton). The section also includes literary meditations, poems, essays and creative non-fiction dedicated to the work and life of Celan. We belive this special issue will delight you. Please pass on comments on this section or on the poetry in In Posse to Ilya Kaminsky.

We are pleased to welcome David Lazar as a Contributing Nonfiction Editor. David is Associate Professor of Creative Writing at Ohio University. He has edited Conversations with M.F.K. Fisher and Michael Powell: Interviews for the University Press of Mississippi. His essays and prose poems have appeared in The Anchor Essay Annual, The Best of The Prose Poem, Southwest Review, Chelsea, The Denver Quarterly, The Ohio Review, and other journals and magazines. Best American Essays has cited his "Notable Essays of the Year" four times.

After only a few years of circulation, In Posse Review has become the one of the most important literary publications on the world wide web. We offer an amazingly diverse selection of poetry, prose, creative non-fiction and literary criticism. Professor Sean Thomas Dougherty of the English Department of Penn University wrote to us: "I love your journal...so much fine work, so many fine poems and poets I didn't know and probably wouldn't if not for the presense of your journal--I've read every issue and wanted to thank you for the work you do, and its continued presence in helping to bring such fine poems to the world."

In Posse Review is constantly expanding. Our Multi-Ethnic Anthology was the subject of a special coverage on KKUP 91.5 FM, a widely popular "people's radio" in the Bay Area. If you are a teacher and would like to inquire about adopting poems or prose from the Multi-Ethnic Anthology for your classroom curriculum, please write to our chief editor, Rachel Callaghan for details.

Under Ilya Kaminsky's direction, In Posse has joined Poets For Peace, an international arts campaign, to create "Mission 911," a series of readings across the United States, and also in New Zealand, London, Toronto, Northern Italy and Ukraine, featuring such notable names as U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky, Joyce Carol Oates, Pulitzer Prize winning poet Henry Taylor and more. See the web-page at Poets for Peace.

We are also pleased to note that literary agencies have been writing us for contact material on our authors. In Posse is dedicated to bringing opportunities to writers as well as the best reading for our visitors. For comments, etc., please contact Rachel Callaghan.



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