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Tom Abray

Tom Abray is a recent graduate of Concordia University's MA in creative writing. In the coming months his work will appear in Salt Hill and paperplates. At present he is teaching high school and editing a Montreal writers issue of The Woolly Mammoth.

David Alexander

David Alexander lives in New York and is currently at work on a novel, Crossroads, and a new anthology. He has recently been published in Mississippi Review (MRWeb and print), Barcelona Review, Paris Transcontinental (print), Recursive Angel, and Wired Hearts. HE guest-edited the fiction/poetry anthology Death and Venice as a special to The Literary Review.

Robert Bekier

Robert Bekier lives in Portsmouth, Virginia. He earned a B.A. in English from Old Dominion University in 1996. He currently works as a medical information technician at an insurance company. Aside from a poem published in Alternative Press Magazine, this is his first time in print.

David Berthy

David Berthy recently graduated from college and teaches fifth grade in Compton, California in the public school system. This is his first time in print.

Stacey Duff

After growing up in Arkansas and an MFA at Brown University, Stacey Duff now lives in China and teaches American Studies at Tianjin University of Commerce. Stacey's poems have appeared in various publications, including Web Conjunctions, Impossible Object, 5_trope and Gravity #26.

Katie Farris

Katie Farris is a Senior at Phillips Exeter Academy. She will be a resident poet at the "Upright Hall," a residency for poets in Upstate New York early this Fall.

Rachel Galvin

Rachel Galvin is a writer/editor at the National Endowment for the Humanities. She received an M.A. in English from the University of Texas at Austin. Rachel's most recent poems are forthcoming in Nimrod: International Journal of Prose and Poetry.

Richard Kostelanetz

Richard Kostelanetz is a renowned editor, poet, critic and fiction writer. Author of many books, his recent work includes Writings on Glass and the memoir, 30 Years of Visible Writing.

Mark McKain

Mark McKain writes for comics and the Internet. His literary work has appeared in Switched-on Gutenberg, Disquieting Muses, Pearl, Atlanta Review, Mudfish and elsewhere.

Carlton Mellick III

Carlton Mellick III runs Eraserhead Press (, which publishes zines and chapbooks of surrealism, absurdism, and magic realism. He has written 4 novels and has sold over 50 pieces of work to markets such as Blue Food, Winedark Sea, Driver's Side Airbag, The Dream Zone, The Vestal Review, Adirondack Review, Seattle Fiction, and Xero.

John Melvin

John Melvin lives in his hometown of Noblesville in the middle of Indiana where he works in graphics. His poems have appeared in CutBank and Cincinnati Poetry Review.

Charles Pratt

Charles Pratt's poems have appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, The Christian Science Monitor, Harvard Magazine, The Hiram Review, The Literary Review, Poetry and elsewhere. He lives with his wife in the apple orchard near Exeter, New Hampshire.

Jane Schuster

Jane Schuster is a contributing editor to "Muse," a literary magazine. Her award-winning essay, "Sanctuary" was recently included in the anthology of creative non-fiction "In Short" edited by Judith Kitchen (W.W.Northon).

Ruth Knafo Setton

Ruth Knafo Setton's first novel, THE ROAD TO FEZ, will be published by Counterpoint in Winter, 2001. The recipient of fellowships from the NEA, PEN, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, she has been published in journals and anthologies, including Nimrod: An International Journal, Luna, International Quarterly, Tikkun, Response, New Directions for Women, The Journal of Canadian Fiction, Follow My Footprints: Changing Images of Women in American Jewish Fiction (University of New England Press), Word of Mouth: Short-Short Fiction by Women, Volumes I and II (Crossing Press), and Sephardic-American Voices: Two Hundred Years of a Literary Legacy (New England: Brandeis). She teaches at Lafayette College, and is working on a collection of poetry and tales.

Robert Thurber

Robert Thurber lives in Massachusetts. His work has previously been published in ELIMAE, Z End Zine, The Melic Review, The Providence Sunday Journal, Winedark Sea, and Linnaean Street.

Katherine Kellogg Towler

Katherine Kellogg Towler is a freelance writer and creative writing teacher who lives in Portsmouth, NH. Her poetry and prose have been published in Ms., The Mars Hill Review, The Rave Review, and an anthology of work by Cape Cod writers, From the Peaked Hills. She is currently submitting a first novel for publication.

Samantha Van Laarhoven

Samantha Van Laarhoven was born in Hortonville, WI and has been published in several literary journals. Most recently her work appeared in Lucid Moon and Poetic Voices. She is currently working on her first novel.

Gary Wiener

Gary Wiener edits "Desperate Act" a literary magazine in Upstate New York. His own work appears in "Collages And Bricollages," "Thema," "Muse," "Poetry Motel," and elsewhere. Gary holds his PhD in Amrican Lit. from the University of Rochester.

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