In Posse Featured Writers

Chris Wood

Chris Wood's writing has appeared or is forthcoming in POET, BOHEMIAN BRIDGE, NOW & THEN, THE MELIC REVIEW, APHELION , SONGS OF INNOCENCE, and CONCHO RIVER REVIEW.  He and his wife Pam currently reside in Albany, Georgia.

Jay Prefontaine

Jay's work, Closing Time, is featured in his first run in IPR.

Pia Erhardt

Pia Ehrhardt lives in New Orleans, Louisiana with her husband and son. Her work has appeared in Mississippi Review and Louisiana Life and can currently be found on the web in The Mississippi Review Web and Zendzine. She is writing a novel and this year -- before 2000 is over by damn -- will produce a short film adapted from the same, weather and bank account permitting. 

Joey Manley

Joey Manley showcases a set of non-linear items from his long work, Love Will Tear.  Blithe House Quarterly has included his work.  Joey is the Director of the Free Speech Internet Television Project.  His first novel, The Death of Donna-May Dean, was published by St. Martin's Press in 1995.

Frederick Su

Frederick Su makes his living as a technical writer. He has interests in nonfiction and fiction. After 8 1/2 years of marketing his manuscript,
he may try self publishing his novel, An American Sin, a story of an Asian American and the great sin he committed in Vietnam. His fiction has been
published in Mediphors, Musing Magazine, Fishwrapper!, and The Rose & Thorn Literary Ezine. For more of his writings, visit

A.R. Lamb

A.R.Lamb lives in Cornwall, U.K and writes as trancedly as possible, with practical help from various carbon compounds. New fiction presently at, Unlikely Stories, and Early experimental fictions written by Lamb have been  published by John Calder and appear in anthologies and magazines.  Lamb is involved in an ongoing project, an unusual synthesis of music and poetry: first recording, Bark of a Stray Dog, is now available. Lamb is a sculptor by trade.

Francine Witte

Based in New York City, Francine Witte is a poet, playwright and fiction writer. She is the author of several chapbooks including "The Magic in the 
Streets" and "The Queen of Dumped."  By day, she is a high school english and creative writing teacher.

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