"Talking to Lily"
"The Engagement"
"I'm So Sentimental"
"from: a day in the life of p.: a tenderloin on every table"
"The Sad Life and Untimely Death of Arnold Hitler"
"Listening to the Harry Rothbaums"
"The Whole World Is Watching"
"Hotel Konstantin"
"Diamond Teeth"
"Portrait of a Bad Night (With Ale)"
"Synonyms for Lavender"

"For Those Faraway Fortunes" by Urgut Uyar and

"The Girl On A Bridge" a
"Color Axis"
"Wherever It Is"
"Our Son and the Airborne Rangers" and
    "Along Fall River Road"

"How I Fool My Critics" and
    "Calcutta 1995"

"From Homage To Homage To Creeley"
"We Never Give Them Names"

"EATING THE HONEY OF WORDS: New and Selected Poems"
by Robert Bly



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