"Above the Alfama"
"What He Was Proudest Of"
"For Free"
"Havana Club"
"Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood"
"A Vision of Mandlebaum"
"Small Crimes"
"Punk Band"
"Bad Water"

"Rosendale Natural Cement"
"I-95" and "Script For A French Movie"
"Background: Mark Rothko"
"Confessions from a reticent sailor: the Lies" and
    "Like the Forgetfulness or the Prison of Words"

"Life Without Principle" and
    "Sex in Four Phases"

"The Train's Red Spine of Goodbye"
"Canteen" and
    "The Wet Motorcycle"

"Over Dinner" and
    "On Knowing When to Take Another's Hands"

"Forgive the Moon"
"DEBUT: 7 Short Reviews of First Books of Poetry"



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