The Girl On A Bridge
    Suzanne Frischkorn
--And she tossed the red beret
into the Seine turning her back
on Paris forever. No she didn't.

--And you're a fool if you think
she would toss a perfectly good
beret ($23.95 on sale at Saks)
into a filthy river. She wasn't

even in Paris. She was on a bridge
overlooking the Mianus.
Yes, with 95 South behind her.
She wore a blue ski cap
and a black pea coat. She looked

over-peered actually-and
turned around to hitch a ride
to the Kit Kat Club on NYC's
East Side. That's the kind of
girl she was. A straight shooter,
a go getter-not some freak
throwing good money away.

Suzanne Frischkorn's poetry appears in numerous journals and anthologies. Recent publications include Pif Magazine, Exquisite Corpse, Wisconsin Review, and Paterson Literary Review. She is the author of "The Tactile Sense," (Alpha Beat Press, 1996) and "Exhale," (Scandinavian Obliterati Press, 2000).


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