The Future
    Jay Marvin
Last will and testament of a desperate man
written in a broke down motel six blocks deep
inside the Commerce City line. He writes
on a dirty piece of room stationary
a statement no one will read, because no one will
ever find him. We live in a time of manufactured
      grace where
happiness is a requirement, sadness is treason,
     and stupidity a must.
So in the end there never was any motel,
      nor was there
ever a desperate man, because in a country as
great as ours no one is ever unhappy let alone
desperate; and guns are a thing of beauty
not of darkness. The Lord is our Shepherd.
      Ladies and gentlemen
I give you The United States of America that will
      be five dollars and
sixty nine cents because there is no free lunch
not even in the land of the free! Class dismissed.


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