A Sleep and a Forgetting
    Rex McGuinn
Now that frogs are dying, where will
the Princess go? Worship is
the heart's empty peace, I guess,
obsession its white wilderness.
Love not an earthly place in lover's arms?
Thatís a lie.
The old have forgotten. Ask the young.
In the chronicle of wasted time,
virtue is the marble font,
lilies green and full of frogs.

I tell you the old are sleeping. Ask the young.
Yearn for terror of the dragon world.
Wisdom is a tasteless meal. Children know.
Listen to the lies they tell.

Rex McGuinn lives in Exeter, New Hampshire. His poetry has appeared in many publications including , The Hiram Review and Prairie Schooner among others. His book length collection of poems "Landing In Minneapolis" was published by St. Andrews Press.


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