From Homage To Homage To Creeley
    Rod Smith

Poem for Stingers

Nothing static is syrup.

Nothing is out of nowhere except syrup.

Is syrup on the photograph trying to enter the picture?





     Syrup is a stage name for Drano. Too much Drano would burn the little boy's finger in the dike. This is likened to a stinger.

     This is a poem about the environmental implications of syrup. It's dead serious.

     This is a poem about a big husk.

     The little boy's finger, is it a stinger?

     Does the little boy go bzzz bzzz?

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Shadows Are Our Friend

To discover the rabbit/duck requires a certain amount of light.

A rabbit can duck, & does, in the presence of predatory birds,

into shadow/ This does not help the rabbit if the bird is an owl.

Do owls ever feel happy? My guess is no.

This might be about a short-term relationship I had.


This might be about a short-term relationship I had

Shortly after my son missed a curve at midnight

on a full moon. There is some reason to believe

he was trying to miss a deer.

Rod Smith is the editor and publisher of Edge Books and the journal Aerial. He manages Bridge Street Books in Washington, DC. Books by Smith include In Memory of My Theories (O Books) and The Boy Poems (Buck Downs Books).


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