John Sokol
Racine down the walk with Goethe too tight all plump and Rossini and Rubens against Gustave's Dore' like Wilde Burroughs Trilling through the Hardy Hopkins where the Bulfinch Knowles in the Pritchett Tillich of us sees that Flannery will get us nowhere O'Connor I see you Haydn under the bed you can't fool me I got my Edgar Lee Masters at Coleridge so you Van Gogh only so far as what's in a name that makes us reJoyce when Anne Hathaway to change her mind you how things might be if Ford Maddox Chevrolet or P. S. Eliot or Robert Pencil Warren or Mississippi Williams were to Ad Reinhardt to the list we forget to ask Dear Robert is your Motherwell and is Clifford Still around two thousand Dos Passos they offered me once to do Boris at the Met but I told them I wasn't Godonov but then Mozart history was boring way Bach then so Shelley go to the river and Thoreau Twain to the Winters and have some Teasdale and Mallarme' with Proust or Shaw we Drinkwater and Dryden out the Trollope in the Thackeray and Trotsky down to the Fielding like Rimbaud and Pope Lorca in the Toynbee or Hegel Heidegger in the Murdoch or take our last Pound and Oppen the Hardwick Parker until the Longfellow Dickens Digges Rip Van Winkle because after all what are Wordsworth anyway.

John Sokol's poems have appeared in America, Antigonish Review, The Berkeley Poetry Review, Georgetown Review, New Millennium Writings, The New York Quarterly, and Quarterly West, among others. His chapbook, "Kissing the Bees," winner of the 1999 Redgreene Press Chapbook Competition, is available through


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