In Washington, DC
    Racquel Ware
Do you really think
I can figure out
life in these
coffee bars? Dim
and filled with
the young trying
to live and the older
trying to cheat
youth into a few more

Theories of Therapy:
On Becoming a Person.
Never read it.
I'm the first
Prozac baby
of my family.
I scratched a hole
in my leg earlier
today. I felt
the pain and still
continued until all
that was left
was the pussy
under-flesh that once
was protected
by skin. Is it official?
And then I try
to teach my
boyfriend not to cum
on the hand towels.

Being approached by the almost
empty streets
of Dupont
at 2 a.m.,
I realize a time
in my life where
I truly feel
Loneliness among
a crowd
of sweaty gay men
is searing and

Racquel Ware lives in Washington DC. She was a 1998-9 Lannan Fellow in Poetry at Georgetown University where she currently continues her studies in poetry and psychology.

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