A Web del Sol Featured Poet

Joel Chace's poems have appeared in print and electronic magazines such as the following: Lost and Found Times, Tomorrow, No Exit, Rattle, Coracle, Ninth St. Labs, Recursive Angel, Big Bridge, 2River View, and poethia. He has published more than a dozen collections of poetry, including--most recently--Uncertain Relations (Birch Brook Press), o-d-e (Runaway Spoon Press), Greatest Hits (Pudding House Publications), and the bi-lingual edition Naluca Rosie (Geneze, Romania). He is Poet in Residence at Mercersburg Academy, in Pennsylvania, and is presently serving as Poetry Editor for the Antietam Review and for the electronic magazine 5_Trope.

"was there
a time before
the wind the whiteness
the cold ..."
"don't kid yourself
purple white graywhite blue
yellow black ..."
"now to cover the old ter
rain again stomping
grounds to dust rumple stilt skin ..."
"is I (understood) on the cutting
edge of grammar so much
more personal than the you ..."
"wanting to know
if there are any real nails
taking its silly webbed feet in there ..."
"they said not too deep not
too chill after all it's our
will stick burrs in
your hair ..."
"so far it's
in so far so
very far
it's very in ..."
"from a locus
which may or may
not ..."