John Kryder


poems do
write themselves,
are given

in the upside
down of things

as much as (or more than) willed in craft,
like we will the heavy snow over the edge
of the trampoline's frame, its springs frozen

as though a bouncer in the depth
of his bounce were frozen too,

held by his anticipation in the greater delight
his catapulting return to only air
will bring

excerpt from “Trampoline Ice”

John Kryder teaches English at Williamsville East High School. He co-founded and co-directs Collaborations and Connections, The Buffalo/Williamsville Poetry and Music Celebration, now in its 7th year. He has also been on the faculty of the Consortium of the Niagara Frontier, and in 1993 received an NEH Fellowship in African Literature. Throughout his teaching career, he has written, read, and published poetry. He has read from his work at The New York State English Council, at Trinity Place in Buffalo, and at The Meeting House in Williamsville. Five of his poems have been set to music by high school, college, and professional musicians, including the poem he wrote for Dr. Stephen Shewan's choral and orchestral work entitled “Hymn for Spring,” published by Albany Records. Poems from his unpublished manuscript, In The Heart of Now, have appeared in The Buffalo News and at Trinity Place. He has conducted workshops on poetry and music with Dr. Shewan at the high school, university, and state levels, and on poetry and art with Buffalo artist Catherine Parker. 
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and now the crowd’s ohs and ahs are dancing
as brother smears brother’s face, and orange nose
appears while he looks and dances and throws
rust mustache where azure once was moving;
he looks: and then the sudden broad knife cuts
white ripples in his green and azure beard,
and he dances the fatigue-green shirt bleared
with use into folds and shadows, and abuts
color on color, and pulls lines and zones
and layers out of the canvas in shapes
and facets of who he is, creating koans
of who we are in locks of hair like drapes
and eyes that stare and weep and smile in tones
as electric as each song on all the tapes

excerpt from “Burke Paints Burke”

"Fergus", oil on canvas, by Philip Burke, painted in front of
a live
audience at Castellani Art Gallery, Niagara U., Lewiston, NY,
April, 17,1998


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