is the author of Conversations During Sleep (Anhinga Press), winner of the Anhinga Prize for Poetry, and The Keeper of Light (Painted Bride Quarterly Poetry Chapbook Series). Her poems have appeared widely in literary journals, including Poetry, The Hudson Review, and Boulevard, and anthologies, such as the award-winning When I Am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple. She has received an Anna Davidson Rosenberg Award for poems on the Jewish experience and fellowships from Yaddo, the Edward F. Albee Foundation, and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. A longtime New Yorker, she now writes and edits from her home near Washington, D.C., where she lives with her husband, a high school science teacher.

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She recognizes its crest in the way he looks at her.
The wave is as vast as the roiling mass in the Japanese
Print they had paused in front of at the museum,
Capped with ringlets of foam, all
surging sinew.
That little village along the shore
would be
Totally lost. There is no escaping
The wave is flooding his heart,
And he is sending the flood
Her way. It rushes
Over her.

Can you look at one face
For the whole of a life?

Does the moon peer down
At the tides and hunger for home?

—From Poetry, June 2001


"Does it have a spine?" the bookseller
Chided, reluctant to stock a collection
With less evident heft than its stonier kin.

"It has a thin but determined spine,
Staple-bound," I replied. "It stands
On its own. And when you open it, its mottled
White wings will carry you, high on
that spine,
Across echoing, dry-river canyons riddled
With petroglyphs, beyond hidden
Dotting tree-glutted mountaintops, a gray spired
City indulgent to street-corner marionettists
And blaring traffic that hugs the
Until it lands you, past miles of sea as subtle
As twilight, upon your doorstep, with your
Heart wanting to open its spare
To strangers, everything crisp."

From Conversations During Sleep,
Anhinga Press


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Michele Wolf

[Wolf's] lucid, passionate poems...are a welcome contribution to the words that pass among us.

Deft complexes of sound.... Dozens of well-executed passages...and many finely made, tough-minded poems.
—The Georgia Review

Winner of the 1997 Anhinga Prize for Poetry, this volume introduces a warm and inventive voice. —Independent Publisher