Walter Cummins' publications include approximately 100 stories in such magazines as Other Voices, Connecticut Review, Kansas Quarterly, Florida Review, Green Hills Literary Lantern, Virginia Quarterly Review, Confrontation, and on the Internet.  His story collections are titled Witness and Where We Live.  Early in his career, he was author of two paperback novels, A Stranger to the Deed and Into Temptation.  He also has published memoirs, essays, articles, and reviews and edited anthologies. 

From 1984 to 2002, Cummins served as editor-in-chief of The Literary Review: An International Journal of Contemporary Writing and is now Editor Emeritus. He also is emeritus professor of English at Fairleigh Dickinson University, where he is a faculty member in the MFA program in creative writing

With Thomas E. Kennedy, he is co-author of WDS's The Literary Traveler.

Walter Cummins


    She stood at the edge of the bricked embankment staring down hard at the brown water of the canal. He waited beside her, but she forgot his presence, even though he held her arm, and forced her eyes to penetrate the opaque water through the quiet lapping of its surface, through the dull brown, until she could be certain the faces were truly there. Hundreds of faces at the bottom of the canal, heaped like a pile of scattered pennies, the miserable eyes pleading back up at her, the lips drawn tight over the blackened teeth, the tongues bloated. With a sudden recognition she brought her fingers up to her mouth. They were all the faces of children.


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The Happy Frenchmen



Riding West


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