William Slaughter
is editor of Mudlark,
an electronic journal
of poetry and poetics,
and author of The
Politics of My Heart

and Untold Stories,
books of poems and
essays. His work has
been published in
magazines ranging
from Poetry (Chicago)
to Exquisite Corpse
in the United States;
Malahat Review,
Prism International,
and Fiddlehead
in Canada; Critical
Poetry Australia,
and People’s Daily
in China, for example.
He teaches at the
University of North
Florida, has had
Fulbrights to China
and Egypt, and has
taught at the Florida
State University
London Study Center.

E-mail: wrs@unf.edu

William Slaughter
Older Men


    from My Cavafy Poem

    All alone up here,
    hero and victim.

    Even Cavafy
    had to have an address,
    if he wanted to be
    found, and he did.
    10 Rue Lepsius,
    Alexandria, Egypt,
    was his last.

    The whores,
    who moved in
    beneath him,
    gave the house
    what respectability
    it had. More
    than a poet could.

    They called
    out the windows
    to passers-by.
    Every now and then
    they got an angel
    to come in.

    So did Cavafy.

Chagall, The Poet,
or Half-Past Three


Copyright © 2005
William Slaughter

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