Martine started out her arts career in theater and was a founding member of The Blood Company and performed with the Iowa Theater Lab. A poet of unusual talent, she is the author of The Vulnerability of Order, Copper Canyon Press (June 2001) -- of which Calamity Jane is a part. Her other books of poetry include Tales of Murasaki and Other Poems, Sun & Moon Press (1999) which won the National Poetry Series Award, and Places People Dare Not Enter, Potes & Poets Press (1991).

Martine's work has appeared in numerous journals, including Grand Street, Sulfur, Colorado Review, and New American Writing. Since 1988 she has been an editor of the literary journal Conjunctions. Ms. Bellen recieved an M.F.A. from Brown University and has taught at many colleges and universities, including New York University, Hunter College and Hofstra University. She has been a recipient of the New York Foundation for the Arts, the Fund for Poetry and the American Academy of Poets Award.


Martine Bellen


    Doris Day is Calamity sipping sarsaparilli

    Bill can't see her beauty till she drops
    her coat, can't see her
    face or coif. Or hear her
    sing, "My gun got so hot had to sit
    with a muzzle between my legs."
    Her magic: pink chiffon.

    made into a woman

    "no changeless essence ... no eternal verities"

           Custer, Custer, elle était plus qu'une prostituée
    a true star of gold
           ornée d'une étoile
    la défroque
    of all théâtre
           tout le monde

    Jane Russell and Jean Arthur,
    John Wayne and Bogie too.


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