Prose Poetry from Web Del Sol


Russell Edson

A pianist dreams that he's hired by a wrecking company to ruin a piano with his fingers . . .
      On the day of the piano wrecking concert, as he's dressing, he notices a butterfly annoying a flower in his window box. He wonders if the police should be called. Then he thinks maybe the butterfly is just a marionette being manipulated by its master from the window above.
      Suddenly everything is beautiful. He begins to cry.

      Then another butterfly begins to annoy the first butterfly. He again wonders if he shouldn't call the police.
      But, perhaps they are marionette-butterflies? He thinks they are, belonging to rival masters seeing whose butterfly can annoy the other's the most.

      And this is happening in his window box. The Cosmic Plan: Distant Masters manipulating minor Masters who, in turn, are manipulating tiny butterfly-Masters who, in turn, are manipulating him . . . A universe webbed with strings!
      Suddenly it is all so beautiful; the light is strange . . . Something about the light! He begins to cry . . .