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Kim Addonizio

How images enter you, the shutter of the body
clicking when you're not even looking:
smooth chill of satin sheets, piano keys, a pastry's glazy crust
floating up, suddenly, so the hairs along your arm
lift in that current of memory, and your tongue tastes
the sweet salt of a lover as he surges
against you, plunges towards the place you can't
dive into but which is deepening each moment

Photo by Robert Specter

Kim Addonizio was born in Washington, DC in 1954 and moved to San Francisco in 1976. Her previous occupations include waitress, secretary, fry cook and college lecturer. Currently she teaches private writing workshops. She is the author of two books from BOA Editions: The Philosopher's Club, a poetry collection; and Jimmy & Rita, a verse novel. She is co-author, with Dorianne Laux, of The Poet's Companion: A Guide to the Pleasures of Writing Poetry (W.W. Norton). A poetry chapbook, Dark Veil, appears in SEXTET/ONE from Pennywhistle Press.

Addonizio's awards include two fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, a Pushcart Prize, the Great Lakes Colleges New Writers Award, and a Commonwealth Club Poetry Medal. She was a founding editor and publisher of the San Francisco literary journal Five Fingers Review, and is currently a contributing editor of the e-zine ZIPZAP. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies.

A selection from Kim's work, New York Romance Novel


The next night they get drunk together. She remembers why she hated him in the first place: he has no morals, he uses women, he's an art careerist. He realizes that he is totally in love with her. The feelings for her friend, he sees now, were displaced passion. Everything she accuses him of--she's drunk enough to say what she thinks--he agrees is true. He admits he's not worthy of her, actually hangs his head in shame. The gesture so moves her that she slides over next to him in the booth and puts her hand on his cock, through his jeans. It stirs in response. They hurry home to his loft in the East Village and fuck until four in the morning, first wildly, then tenderly. Then they talk and laugh until dawn.

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