This is collection of poems by Robert A Ayres was published in Issue 11 of the Marlboro Review


what duds Orb Spider slung
cross the back of ol' juniper moon

in sun-sparkle dew, quiver—
young Master Goldfinch: screwed



product of the efficient forest:
blue-lined treble staff,
reft of wood thrush song


  What streetlights pitch through the branches

oblong, luminous:


that isn't



ten thousand, the brightest canaries

can never unhalve


  dead quiet

in the bittern's nest

the rotting jaw of an alligator



Robert A Ayres's poems have appeared in Southwestern American Literature, The Texas Observer, The Cumberlandland Poetry Review and in the Marlboro Review. His work has been published in two anthologies from Milkweed Editions, Outsiders and Urban Nature. He lives in Austin where he manages his family's raches in the Hill Country and the Davis Mountains.

Copyright ©2001 Robert A Ayres

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