"Copybook" by Michael Burkard was published in Issue 11 of the Marlboro Review


Copy Book

because of the over-priced house i will not buy
because "truly" is not a symbol for anything or anyone
because someone said it would be and this is one of those lost roads
because everyone has a multiplicity of lost roads among their lives
because the houses on these roads over-priced or not
are usually better left as people you wave to
people you feature only in waves

because the moon is not the ragged experience the tree branches suggest
because the tree branches are not here simply for my benefit
because you can save what you don't know about someone
like you can save some money but in the end it will do just about the same good
because so many people don't have money you are saving suffering
you are keeping score with a siren
your portfolio is a knickknack of collapsed chairs

Michael Burkhard's books include The Fires They Kept (Metro Books) and My Secret Boat (Norton). His work last appeared in the Marlboro Review, Issue #1.

Copyright ©2001 Michael Burkard

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