Carol Frost's "Given" was published in Issue 11 of the Marlboro Review



That the deck chair rocks in the wind
and paradisal light touches the gulls.
That the isle is enchanted, foams on waters.

Who are you to believe you are untrue
to yourself? Who must you be?

The breathing mouth and the whorled ears
will stop & indulgences of flesh,
sometimes a fever in the brain,
will melt like bread in water,

And body, brine on skin, all living fluids
evaporate, fall back into island soil.
Faith and love into atoms without form and limb.
And the sun into darkness and into sun.

That the heart isn't really pure; too meager,
yes. That the gulls lift suddenly, simply, & call out horror & sweetness, facts of our fate.

And day lasts longest here
by this part of the island by the orange tree. . .

Carol Frost is the author of several books and her work has appeared in numerous journals. She teaches in upstate New York at Hartwick College. The poem, "Given", was taken from her recent book, Water Lyrics.

Copyright ©2001 Carol Frost

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