The following poem by Blanca Castellon appeared in Issue No. 19 of the Marlboro Review

Brief Questionnaire

This crepitating in my stomach
is called love?

I asked you because you knew it all,
you answered:

—no, that is the flame,
the flame

of what we call

Translated from the Spanish by JP Dancing Bear

Blanca Castellon's three books of poems are Ama del espiritu, Flotaciones and Orilla opuesta. She won the Premio Internacional (The International Prize) from the Institutor de Estudios Modernistas (Institute of Modernists Studies) in Valencia, Spain. She is the Vice President of the Nicaraguan Center for Writers and lives in Managua.

JP Dancing Bear's poems appear in National Poetry Review, New Orleans Review, Poetry East, Shenandoah and many other journals. He is the editor of the American Poetry Journal and the host of "Out of Our Minds" a weekly poetry program on public radio station KKUP. His most recent book of poems is Billy Last Crow.

Copyright 2005© Blanca Castellon, JP Dancing Bear

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