Jacqueline Waters


The very tall 
Looked down on the sky
On rain noticed mainly
By she who suggested it

What color the lenses
Dropped from the panorama
Was all by herself reinstalled

She’ll get you amazing results
Her skull goes up forever
And it is white
And her whole skull
Is the first white

“I go about with you
Who nod and beckon
When I am talking
Though what you hear
Not I can say”

Leaf sheaths
Keep these ideas
Out of his hair
Just to show them
All the way in

“When I listen to
The local noises
Drowning you out
I ventriloquize
So as to keep
The uniqueness of
Our own love stressed”

Narcissus, bent on earth
Then disappeared in a coma
Without the city by a well of water
At the time that women need to draw water