Other Voices By Issue

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Other Voices #1

Premier Issue 1985
Joe David Bellamy, Voice in Fiction/Reflections
Lois Hauselman, Circles
Kathleen Fleming, Choices: A Diorama
Sharon Sloan Fiffer, Africa
Robert Ellis Gordon, Bizarro Man
Lynne McFall, Step-Wife
Enid Harlow, In Her Motherís House
Stephen Dixon, Starting Again/The Writer
Sybil Kollar, Viral Patterns
John Jacob, Blues/Novel Excerpt
Alvin Greenberg, The Spare Room Mystery
Laurie Levy, People Still Smoked in the Ď70ís
David Evanier, The Great Kisser
Dorothy Casey, Joanieís Ark
Kathe Velten, Doodledooing
Edith Freund, The Sound of Someone Leaving
John-Ivan Palmer, Catching the Falling Egg
Eleanore Devine, Kayak
Michael Stephens, Walking Papers
June Brindel, In the Forest of the Night
Sharon Sheehe Stark, New England Corn

Other Voices #2/3

Winter 1985/86
Judy Jetson, Glass Houses
George Rabasa, The Lion. The Eagle. The Wolf.
Lee A. Jacobus, Life and Death in Cararoe
Lauber, L. Wearing Green
Dixon, G. Baron, Candy
Gladys Swan, Falling Leaves
Don Linder, Thunder
Fran Podulka, Coming Around the Horn
Edra Ziesk, Late
Florri McMillan, Your Friend, Helen H./Novel Excerpt
Marsha Lee Berkman, Cleaning House
Barbara F. Lefkowitz, Entitlement
Kathy Miller, Tribal Medicine/Novel Excerpt
Roslyn Lund, Freedom
Robert Ellis Gordon, Regrets
David D. Haynes, Charlieís Prayer
Dusty Sklar, The Tragedy of Queen Leah
Emilio DeGrazia, The Conscience of England
Sybil Claiborne, Loose Connections
B.B. Adams, The Drunken Boat
Carole Rosenthal, Watchbirds
Joyce Goldenstern, Nicolai
Jean Thompson, Turkey

Other Voices #4

Fall 1986
Pat Rahmann, Suki
Tom Grimes, The Mortal Sins of Mr. Universe
Henry Van Dyke, Minnie Clair de la Lune/Novel Excerpt
Ben Brooks, Storms
Edith Chevat, Love Lessons/ Novel Excerpt
Sharon Solwitz, Editing
Ronald Reed, The Road Home/ Novel Excerpt
Don Linder, Bigamy
Sylvia Foley, Rooms/ Novel Excerpt
K.C. Frederick, Time Change
Eleanore Devine, Goodbye, Charlie
Karen Lee Osborne, Eganís Tennis Shoes
Diane C. Neill, A La Table
Annette Henkin Landau, Sisters
Elizabeth Evans, Dream Houses
Hugh Fox, To Die in Manhattan
Emmett Peter, Jr., The Company of Bankers by R*ym and C*rg*r
Patricia Murphy, The Girl Who Sold Hugs
Lynne Sharon Schwartz, The Painters

Other Voices #5

Spring 1987
Susan Land, Coast to Coast
Susan Weston, Final Harvest
Barbara F. Lefkowitz, Sublime and Holy Love
Rickey Gard Diamond, Carpool
David D. Haynes, The Dozens/Novel Excerpt
Debra S. Rosenblum, Nearly Shot the Medicine Man
Rebecca Orr, Decoration Day, 1968
Emmett Peter. Jr., Trophies
Janice Rosenberg, Kindred Spirits
Jack Fuller, Visitation Day
Peggy Shinner, Jigsaw
Lynne Harwich, The Founderís Tree
Michael D. Burke, Desert Story
Melissa Brown Pritchard, Taking Hold of Renee
Patricia Lear, Interview: Mary Robison

Other Voices #6/7

Fall 1987
Roslyn Lund, Halleyís
Susan Policoff, Swans
Michael Pritchett, Fashion in the Third World
Lia Smith, Prima Donna
Stephen Dixon, Frog Wants Out
Sharon Sloan Fiffer, Less is More
Terry L. McMillan, Gossip
Alice Ryerson, Do Not Disturb
Ellen Herman, Les Miserables
Rolaine Hochstein, Home Free
Marcia Froelke Coburn, Finishing Touches
Hilding Johnson, Last Rights
K.C. Frederick, Gratitude
Susan Ross, Among Wpmen
Tereze Gluck, The New Man
Karen Karbo, Death by Browsing
Barbara R. Leith, Housebroken
John Deming, New in Country/Novel Excerpt
Ellie Scott, Snapshots
Edith Pearlman, Sunday Suppers
Anna Sears, Warts
Harry H. Taylor, Nerves/Novel Excerpt
Patricia Lear, Interview: Amy Hempel

Other Voices #8

Spring 1988
Lois Hauselman, Listening to My Sister
Jim Finley, Leaving on the Wind
Susan Weinberg, The Future as We Know It
Patricia Eakins, Serial Connection
Martha Gies, Blackbird
Vincent Eaton, It Must Have Been GreatÖ/Novel Excerpt
Martha Roth, Coming
Marvin Diogenes, Universe of Animus and Remorse
Barbara F, Lefkowitz, The Man Who Couldnít Stop Singing
R.F. du Pont, Nine Miles Across
Doug Bolling, What Dread Hand/ Novel Excerpt
Kim Silveira Bowers, Running Interference
Terese Svoboda, Profusion of Desire
Michael Kun, A Pinkish Creek/ Novel Excerpt
S.L. Wisenberg, Living With Moranza
Judith Goldberg, Nam Nam Nam
Lynne McFall, At First it Looks like Falling
Patricia Lear, Interview: Ann Beattie

Other Voices #9

Fall 1988
Binnie Kirshenbaum, Past Perfect (for Peter Spielberg)
Mirella Ducceschi, Friends (Trans. By Jessie Bright)
Daniel Wallace, Getting My Hair Right
James Papian, Departures/Novel Excerpt
Daniel Curley, The Right Dolls
Henry H. Roth, Speaking of Love
Marjorie S. Hillson, Purple Heart
Bernadette van Joolen, Krasnapolskiís House
David Williams, Fishing
Kate Riley, Illusions of Byzantium
Ruthann Robson, Wisteria
Thomas E. Kennedy, The Angel of the Lowlands
Sharon Korshak, The Heart of the Marigold
Susan B. Weston, Refractions/ Novel Excerpt
Lee Martin, Gloves
Stewart OíNan, Clayton
Amy Gottlieb, Mecca and Medina
Bekka Rauve, Shimmer
Robin Metz, Nephew (Marshall Frankel Memorial Prizewinner)

Other Voices #10

Spring 1989
Judith Frank, Solace (Marshall Frankel Memorial Prize winner)
Lynda Sexson, Pupil
Paul Scott Malone, A Minor Disturbance
Edith Pearlman, Blancheís Season
Robert S. Nelsen, The Story of a Mighty and Ferocious Warrior
Jane Ruiter, Samaritans: A Caribbean Tale
Jack Fuller, Weequay
Joan Joffe Hall, Her Better Judgement
Hugh Fox, The Last Visit/Novel Excerpt
Paulette Roeske, A History of Swimming
Wendy Innis, Vital Organs
Christopher Burke, The Docks
Jo-Anne H. Rosen, Each After Its Kind
Roger Kenvin, Flying Down to Bombay
Suzanne Brown, Niobe
Rose Moss, Darwinís Beetle
Ben Brooks, Fish Food
William T. Schultz, For Rich or Poor
Joy Calhoun, The Island
John Weston, Arrivals: Departures
Martin Schecter, Cities
Philip Baruth, Basket-boy

Other Voices #11

Fall 1989
Charles Ainsworth, Make a Right, Then Go East of Eden
Barclay Bates, Dixie Lee
Susan Bielstein, Restlessly Her Tiny Hands
Ernie Brill, Deep in the Earth
Cathryn A. Camper, Milk is Everywhere
Merle Drown, The Wonders That Love Wrought
Kenneth Emberly, Fugue
Aaron M. Frankel, Book
K.C. Frederick, Teddyís Canary
Alan H. Friedman, Divorce
Ellen Herman, In a Different City
Hilding Johnson, Halsted Street
Barbara Leith, After the Ceremony
Neal Lulofs, Baby
Gerald Majer, Can of Pears
T.M. McNally, Gun Law at Vermillion
Daniel B. Meltzer, Cry
S.P. Miskowski, Nails
Antonya Nelson, Looking for Tower Hall
Karen Peterson, Only Begotten
Alison Sinclair, If Microscopic Life Could Sing
James Park Sloan, What We Learned inVietnam
Lawrence Sturhahn, Daddyland
William Walsh, Interview: Pat Conroy
Debbie Lee Wesselmann, What to Do
Susan B. Weston, Carved Rock (Marshall Frankel Memorial Prize Winner)
Kim Silveira Wolterbeek, Telescoping Pain

Other Voices #12

Summer/Fall 1990
David D. Haynes, Heathens
Bradford E. Barkley, Spontaneous Combustion
Anna F. Monardo, Rachel the Younger
Diane Lefer, Wonderful Baby
Roslyn Lund, Pebbles and Stones
Rickey Gard Diamond, They Shout Praises
George Keithley, We Could Live Forever
Karen Karbo, Notes from a Wedding Shower
Michael Kun, Her Night Classes
Sharon Solwitz, Her Perfect Life
Gerald Shapiro, At the Wall
Mary Luvisi, Frank
Karen Kates, Workers
Eileen Curtis, Antigone
Katherine Vaz, Add Blue to Make White Whiter
Ruthann Robson, What We Do In Bed
Mariann Ritzer, Split-Ends
Anne McGravie, Bags
Daniel Kiely, The Eye of the Needle
M. Rodberg, Declarations
Jack Levine, Mr. Outside
Patricia Lear, Interview: James Robison

Other Voices #13/14

Winter 1990/91
Susan Weinberg, Outdoor Life
Dick Scanlan, The Clutch
David Schiller, My Mother
Rochelle Distelheim, Sadie in Love/Novella Excerpt
Jean Thompson, Poetry
Jeff Landon, On the Roof
H.G. Carroll, The Train
Barbara F. Lefkowitz, The Garden of Earthly Delights
Ron MacLean, Albemarle Hill
Betty Rutherford, Lifeboat
J.J. Steinfeld, The Cost of Conversation
Paul Beckman, Old Spice
Christopher Burke, Mac and Mags Muldoon
Jim Finley, Days of the Soft Mouth
Alice Ryerson, Rufus
Barbara Selfridge, Hay Comida? Any Food?
Tim Lewis, Equis
Toni de Bonneval, Something Serious
Tim Keppel, Means of Survival
J. Patrick Lewis, Navy Man
C. Downs, A Red Dress
Larry Starzec, Migraine
Judy Brackett, Sorry, Wrong Number
Fran Zell, Near Misses
Robin Ward Puleo, Sandquakes
Vesle Fenstermaker, Interview: Grace Paley

Other Voices #15

Summer/Fall 1991
Nancy Lord, Why I Live At The Natural History Museum
Estelle Gilson, Cold Supper
Antonia Fondaras, Dissembling
Lewis Horne, Years of the Pathetique
Dave Maine, Take This and Run
Deborah Cummins, Swarm
Thea Caplan, Runners
Jessica Perri Chalmers, Song of Myself
Rebecca Kavaler, Pigeons/Novel Excerpt
Mary Schooler Rooney, Shells
Patricia Grossman, An Evening of Slides
Jim Lynch, The Hymn
Sheri Stein, Not Knowing
John Weston, The Coffin Maker/Novel Excerpt
Nancy Dytman, Drummers
Daiva Markelis, Songs of Innocence
Jo Neace Krause, Things That Make People Unclean
Becky Bradway, Without Dreams
Walter Cummins, The Happy Frenchmen
Ann Hinkle, Larisa
E.A. Zwarenstein, Small Secrets
Esther Yin-Ling Spodek, Finding a Man
William Smarto, The Groom
Daniel Wallace, A House on Maple Street
Barbara Shoup, Interview: Susan Fromberg Shaeffer

Other Voices #16

Spring 1992
Ellen Herman, Pawnbroker to the Stars
Deborah J. Schupack, Armed and Dangerous
Nance Van Winckel, Song for Blue Trout
Carole Rosenthal, The White Duck
Joan Mobius, Counting
J. Wagner, Three Chinese Girls in Pink Dresses
Kathleen de Azevedo, The Widow Makerís Garden
Eleanore Devine, I Miss Saturday Night
M.C. Dalton, The Grooms
Nancy Means Wright, The Leaper
Patrick Comiskey, Polaroid Fugue
Ruth Fairbanks, Longing For Paradise
Ruth Horowitz, Where the Heart Is
Pam Wolfson, Their Province
Garnett Kilberg, Maps
Lane Zachary, The Make-Believe Ballroom
Sara Warner, Songs
Christopher Shaw, Interview: Richard Ford

Other Voices #17

Fall 1992
April D. Nauman, Degrees of Chronic Sorrow
Eugene Wildman, Harlowís Garden
Susan Sonde, Blue Heron Rising
George Singleton, Where I Go When the Sky Gets Low
Laura Lee Duncan, The Drowning
Peter W. Fong, Homesick
Emily Lowers, Chinese Red and Tattoo Blue
Sharon Oard Warner, Enough
K.C. Frederick, Getting to April
Liza Steele, Moving Targets
Kiyoshi Young Najita, Dream Book
Laura Kraft, The Ride into Town
Larry Edgerton, Firebug
Stephany Brown, No Interference
Carol Weir, Going to Australia
Roger Hart, Erratics
Philip Hanson, Ashes
Lee Kostrinsky, Leonís Scripture
James McManus, Wisconsin
Susan Power, Beaded Soles
Selma Gordon, Interview: Ann Beattie

Other Voices #18

Spring/Summer 1993
Sharon Darrow Harmon, Y
Paul Pekin, Tournament
Meredith Sue Willis, Miss Topsy
James Papian, Florida
David Mouat, On the Phone to God
Lester Goldberg, The Pleasure of Your Company
Matt Marinovich, Replay
Karen Rile, The Iowa Girl
Kelly Sievers, Hollywood
Don Shea, Old Tapes
Marc Bookman, Neighborhood Chores
Deborah Hamilton, Motorboat
Susan Israel, Criminal Neglect
J.J. Steinfeld, A Handsome Leading Man
Megan W. Macomber, Cat People
Barbara Phillips, Sugar Hearts and Red Hots
Kenneth Huggins, Pardon Fullman and the Blackbird
Jeffrey Vasseur, Noonan
Robert Hildt, I Remember Vava
Nancy Jensen, Teach Your Dog to Sing
Scott Carlson, Interview: Antonya Nelson

Other Voices #19

Fall/Winter 1993
Ann Nietzke, Los Angeles Here and Now.
Chris Hallman, Utopia Road.
Nina Miller, Dirty Pictures
Mary Lee Coe, Fields.
Karen Kates, The Lounge Lizard.
J. Morris, Me and Martin and Our Wives.
Janice Deal, Cancer.
Phyllis E Cole, A Birthing
Bibi Wein, Poltergeist
Michael W Cox, Becoming Small in the Night
Shen Christenson, Mouth to Mouth
Rochelle Distelheim, Love Knots: Novel Excerpt
Michael Ashley, Sound and Light
Holly Welker, The Parable of the Diamond
Hannah Wilson, Reconstruction
Brian Skinner, Just Friends
S.H. Fracis, The Reader: Novel Excerpt
Tracy Robert, An Inspired Break: Novella Excerpt
Karen Latuchie, Josephís Stories
John Mandelberg, The Last of the Lodz Realists
Michael Collins, Forgetting
Kevin Breen, Interview: Jack Driscoll

Other Voices #20

Spring/Summer 1994
Melissa Bank, The Best Possible Light
Elaine Fowler Palencia, Tuddy
James Brown, The Friend
Edith Pearlman, The Thought of You
Nancy Welch, The Cheating Kind
Sharon Solwitz, Miriam 1946
Barclay Bates, Early Retirement
Amanda C Gable, Ways of Talking
Jan Sutter, Do-Good Boy
Todd Prepsky, The Science Teacher
Kathryn Roach, The Good Prison
Elizabeth Strout, Sprinkler
Roger Howell, Double Suicide
Natalie Schoen, The Quality of Love
Stephanie J Luetkehans, Eating Poetry
Roger A Lopata, Make Over
Sanja Brizia Ilic, Above the Clouds
Kathleen George, Small Errands
Rebecca Kavaler, Mother
Julie Esther Fisher, Miss James
Sean Eric Leenaerts, Killing Time
Barbara Shoup, Interview: Valerie Martin

Other Voices #21

Fall/Winter 1994
Clifford F. Boyle, The Cats of War
Dick Scanlan, Gold
Conan Putnam, In the Dark
Patricia Traxler, Sincerely
Robin Beeman, Commercial Interruption
G.K. Wuori, A Precise Imbalance of Affection
Timothy OíBrien, Panama, Indian Thanksgiving
Shawn Behlen, And
William D. Schaeffer, Where the Heart Is
Eileen Curtis, Culacino
Jesse Vendley, Whistling Dixie
Glen Pourciau, The Childhood Friend
Anne Weatherwax, In Time
Mark Jacob, Weeds and Skunks
Jane Ruiter, Mason Jars
Margaret Anne Schmidt Continuous Leap
Eric Wilinski,Whoís Fooling Whom
Stephanie Rosenfeld, The Last Known Thing
Lane Zachary, I Want to Hold Your Hand
Barbara Shoup, Essay: Working a Jigsaw

Other Voices #22

Spring/Summer 1995
Julie Sholwalter, A Christian Education
Jerry Renek, Pictures of My Heart
Natalia Rachel Singer, True Grease
B.D. Love, Punch Line
Judith T. Graham, The Burn
Leslie Pietrzyk, Blameless
Susan Land, The Dream Lab
Margaret Miles, Awake in the Sleeping Body
Louise Hawes, Small Hands
William Losinger, Sinkhole
Ken Harvey, So This is Pain
Joshua Harmon, The Phone Call
Portia Bohn, The Activist
James Morrison, Two Days
Donna Jackson, The Fasting HeartóNovel Excerpt
Kiyoshi Young Najita,Small Spills Stain the Sawdust Red
Nancy Means Wright, Truck Route to Florence
Julie A McCracken, What the Spiders Say
Larry Starzec Dependencies
John Sullivan, Exorcism
Lou Fisher, Livelihood
Cris Mazza, What Satisfies People
Laura Goodman, The Aviatrix

Other Voices #23

Fall/Winter 1995
Kerry Langan, Live Your Life
Eileen Fitzgerald, Thunderation
Andrej Blatnik, Rai
R. Dale Smith, The Whispering Man
Anne Newburg, Just This Once
Hwee Hwee Tan, Mid-Autumn
Geoff Schmidt, The Real Motherís Song
Judith Dancoff, Fatherís Day
James Park Sloan, Disaster
Ranbir Sidhu, The Consulís Wife
Rick Barba, Omaha
Audrey Glassman, Misconceptions
Charlotte Bacon, Open Season
Andrej Blatnik, The Taste of Blood
Karen Halvorsen Schreck, Ways of the World
Irene Zielgler, Blue Springs
Ami Sands Brodoff, Wishbone
Ruth Canji, Interview: James Park Sloan.

Other Voices #24

Spring/Summer 1996
Jo-Anne A Watts, Sunday Night Blues
Susan Stern, The Lost Boys
Sallie Strange, Just Once Before I Die, Dear Lord
Julie Showalter, Vows
G.W. Wuori, Rain-and-Patch and Terrible
Steve Yarbrough, Bohemia
Ernest J Finney, The Sequoia Hunters, 1938óNovel Excerpt
Beth Kephart Sulit, Coming to Clean
Richard Hefter, Where Were You
Vincent Montague, Courting
Ellen Slezak, Still Looking for a Place to Light
Doran Larson, Reserves
Anita Witt, Burial at Sea
Paul F Wolf, The Sailorís Chapel
Adam Blauhut. Simplicissimus
Alicia Saposnik, Gala
Lynne Barrett, Macy is the Other Woman
Michael W. Cox, Night Out
Barbara Shoup, Interview: Jane Smiley.

Other Voices #25

Fall/Winter 1996
Eric Barnes, All I Can See
William Black, Phoebe Snow Rides the Lackawanna
Scott Blackwood, Nostalgia
Jon Rounds, The Keys to the Highway
Becky Bradway, Truck
Doran Larson, Marie-Claireís Journal
Tom House, Up to the Wall
Amy Kroin, Emma
Rosemarie C. Sultan, Blue Is Your Color, Dear
Keith Dixon, Absolutes and Other Uncertainies
Mike Finney, Drive-by Shooting

Other Voices #26

Spring/Summer 1997
G.K. Wuori, The General Store
Carol Goodman, Crystal
Anne Hillsman Wood and Brian Keesling, Mist Net
Tatjana Soli, The Coat
Mark Swartz, Surprise Party
Michelle Brooks, Ways of Pulling a Person Out of the Water
Douglas Gilmore Power, The Door Is Locked
William D. Schaeffer, Burnt Sienna
Alix Thompson, The State of Virginia
Michael F. Lowenthal, The Acuteness of Desire
L.G.Hunt, Kerosene
Naomi R. Rand, The Room at the End of the World
Fred D. White, First Rites
A.M. Witt, Onkel Otto
Barbara Shoup, Interview A. Manette Ansay

Other Voices #27

Fall/Winter 1997
Mary Helen Stefaniak, English as a Second Language
Kiyoshi Young Najita, The Same Waves
Adam Berlin, Beer Muscles
Greg Keith, Confabulation of the White Dress and the Rain
Laura Migdal Hunters
Peter Orner, Siebertís
Scott Blackwood, Worry
Nancy Welch, Tender Foot
Gary Eller, Towers
Tim McCollum, Now
Liz Harris, Rainbow Song
Sergio Troncoso, Remembering Possibilities
Trudy Lewis, Shadow Box
Arnold E. Sabetello, Fall Run
Laura Wilson, The Picture of Jesus
Robert Schirmer, Thuggee
Sam Ligon, Swallowing
M.T. Sharif, The Problem with the Food Taster

Other Voices #28

Spring/Summer 1998
Christian Abouzeid, Horse.
Tod Goldberg, Simplify.
Julianna Baggot, Five
Cris Mazza, Her Behavorial Symptoms
Manjushree Thapa, Walk Fast
Robert S. Downs, Middle Age
Sarah J. Smith, Metamorphese Oboe
Robert Radin, Lena
Paula Lambert-Neidigh, Blind
Karry Glamsch, Little Birds
Rob Roberge, Love and Hope and Sex and Dreams
Sheila Mulligan Webb, Your Happy Little No
Matthew Clark, Tag Your It
Michael Ritterbrown, coming home
Latha Viswanathan, Attar
Charlotte Forbes, The Swimming Party
C.W. Cannonís Review: Blood and Milk by Sharon Solwitz
Gina Frangello, Interview with Cris Mazza.

Other Voices #29

Fall/Winter 1998
June Brindel, Kaleidoscope.
Eugene Wildman, Todd in Venice.
Pam Houston, The Best Girlfriend You Never Had
Stuart Dybek, The Anonymity of an Afternoon
Todd Lawrence Connelley, fish MacDonald
Ann Z. Leventhal, Slivers
Joseph M. OíConnell, Crazy Baby to Win
Benjamin Bruton, Health Day
Barbara Hausman, Zoysia Grass
Sam Gridley, After the War
Layne Maheu, Healing Pipes
Aaron Alexander, No Runway, No Tiara, No Scepter, No Tears
Mark David Karlin, August
Heather McElhatton, Man Down
Charles Cannon's Review: Innovations, Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Fiction.
Barry Pearce, Interview with Stuart Dybek.

Other Voices #30

Spring/Summer 1999
Oliver Broudy, Finnís Idea of Love.
Sharon Fiffer, What I Should Say.
Hope Donahue, Island Life
Dana Mollin, An Aria
Howard Luxenberg, The Hill
Lee Strickland, Married Man Speaks of Trouble
Patricia A. Murphy, Fits and Starts
Susan Nassbaum, Forever Profaned
Steven Almond, Valentino
Jean Ryan, Waiting for Annie
Barbara F. Lefcowitz, Searching for the Blue Angel
Jim Quinn, Her Deer Story
R.M. Kinder, Tradition
Michael Rogner, Forgive Me If I Sound Queer
Jennifer Landau, A Witness and a Souvenir
G.K. Wuori, This Is How Even the Worst Things Can Be Remembered
C.W. Cannon's Review: The Lowest Blue Flame Before Nothing by Lara Stapleton.
Stacy Bierlein's Review: Collecting Sins by Steven Sobel.
Jennifer Marina Lewis, Interview with Pam Houston.

Other Voices #31

Fall/Winter 1999
Kate Small, Downwind
Lidia Yuknavitch, Jesus Complex
Alice Ayers, Appalachian Snapshot
Thomas Shane, Bedtime Story
John Struloeff, Uncle Walt
Carole Burns, Honour's Daughter
Matthew Miner, Floyd's Bluff
Susan Steinberg, Far
Tod Goldberg, Comeback Special
Art Gibney, Wild Cow
Cathleen Calbert, The Ten Worst Human Fears
Vonnie Madigan, Missing Eve
Kathryn Ma, Risk
Michael Fessler, The Horsehair Easy Chair
Laura Ruby, Air and Water
Bruce Holbert, Country
Barbara Shoup's Interview with Richard Ford.
Ruth Canji's Review: Nude in the Tub by G.K. Wuori.

Other Voices #32

Spring/Summer 2000
Daniel Coshnear, The Resolution of Nothing
Carol Roh-Spaulding,Made You Look
Dan Chaon, Here Is a Little Something To Remember Me By
Elizabeth Poliner, Mutual Life & Causalty
Jerome Mandel, Sunshine Pharmacy
Rose Moss, Sister Sparrow
Lee Strickland, Imagining Claire
Paul Morin, McGowan at Thirty
Catherine Gammon, Before the Fall
Gary Fincke, The Serial Plagiarist
Eugenia Klopsis, Mrs. Fan
Maya Soneberg, Momento Mori
Sarah Borden Wareck, Land of Enchantment
Bob Levy, Metro
Allison Amend, The Janus Gate
Doug Heckman, Gardens
Aimee Bender, Job's Jobs.
Stacy Bierlein, Interview: Aimee Bender.
Charles Cannonís Review: In the Slipstream Edited by Ronald Sukenick and Curtis White.

Other Voices #33

Fall/Winter 2000
Jeffery Renard Allen, The Green Apocalypse
John Fulton, Instinct
Elizabeth Burnett, Patriotism
Tim Keane, Night Run
Amy Knox Brown, Abandon
Doran Larson, Iconographies
Lewis Horne, The Coming of Alex
Julie Gleixner, Willoughby's Wife
Ben Miller, Meet You at the FML
Lainie Falk, House
Anne Brashler, Freedom
Pawel Garage, Phileo
Brett Berk, Sanctuary
Michelle Richmond, The Girl in the Fall-Away Dress.
Robbie Clipper Sethi, Three Sisters
Susan Stern, Up in Smoke
Catherine Brady, Nothing to Hide.
Patricia Lamberti, Interview: T.C. Boyle.
Gina Frangello's Review: American Skin by Don De Grazia.

Other Voices #34

Spring/Summer 2001
Mildred Verba Morris, Redemption
Michael Martone, Diagnostic Drift.
Carol K. Howell, The Islands Laugh Exultant
Wanda Coleman, In Rita's Lair.
Erendira Ramirez, Seed
Steve Almond, Larson's Novel
S.L. Johnston, Rafaelle
Patricia Ann McNair, The Things That'll Keep You Alive
Michael Larkin, Psalter
Wendi Kaufman, Life Above Sea Level
Eileen Curtis, Live It Up
Ryan Blacketter, Sending Those People Home
Maryellen Beveridge, Permeable Boundaries
Debbie Lee Wesselmann, The Palm Grove Olympics
Billy Lombardo, Something True
Cris Mazza, Touchť (novel excerpt)
Tom Bailey, The Archaeological Society of Dancing Rabbit Creek
Hugh Fox, Paradise
Stacy Bierlein's Reviews: An American Outrage by G.K. Wuori.
Stacy Bierlein's Reviews: Fake Liar Cheat by Tod Goldberg.
Stacy Bierlein's Reviews: Liberty's Excess by Lidia Yuknavitch.
Stacy Bierlein's Reviews: and In My Other Life by Joan Silber.
Stacy Bierlein, Interview: Peter Ho Davies.

Other Voices #35

Fall/Winter 2001
Aimee Parkison, Baroness with Strange Eyes
G.K. Wuori, Fish Bites are Unlike Dog Bites in That There is No Growling
Tamara Kaye Selman, Since That First Night of Lit Halls
Lynne Ruppel, Girl World
Tatjana Soli, The Phoenix
Toni Graham, Ultrasaurus
Andrew Porter, Skin
Ian Chirao, Summer Vacation
Ray Keifetz, What People Dance To
Nicole Lousie Reid, Circumstance
John Addiego, A Terrible New Life
Alyce Miller, Do You Have a Minute?
Lisa Glatt, A Girl Becomes a Comma Like That
Sheri Joseph, Saving Felicia
Rose Rappoport Moss, Good Friday
H.E. Francis, This Life, This Death
Toby Leah Bochan, Lines
Eleanore Devine, A Day in the Life of M.E. Wainwright
"FICTION ON THE EDGE," excerpt from Other Voices' AWP panel
C.W. Cannon's Review: Scorch by A.D. Nauman

Other Voices #36

Spring/Summer 2002
Allison Amend, Carry the Water, Hustle the Hole
Valerie Ann Leff, Trader Vic's
S.L. Wisenberg, Joseph Tishman or: Destiny
Joe Meno, Clara
Ellen Litman, Engagement
John Mezzanotte, The Unbroken Home
Todd Lawrence Connelley, Notes from the Brian Wilson
and the Pet Sounds Symphonic Orchestra Concert
or How I finally learned the meaning of love.

David Kinsbourne, Miriam's Tale
Dina Guidubaldi, What Bears Do
Lisa L. Gonzales, The Lisbon Sun
Jonathan Blum, High Ground
Anne Calcagno, What's Yours?
Sarah Anne Johnson, Basketball
Jean Galeazzi, Bums
Tom House, The Way of the Cross for Children
Melissa Hart Romero, Perseid
James McManus, Tunnel of Love
Stacy Bierlein's Reviews:
No Thanks and Other Stories by Sarah Jane Smith,
The Way Home by Allison Johnson,
Killer Stuff by Sharon Fiffer,
and Soul Resin by C.W. Cannon

Marina Lewis Interview: with Junot Diaz.

Other Voices #37

Fall/Winter 2002
Susan Land, Lonely Palace
Jason DeBoer, Paul Muni
Amy Bordiuk, Never, Ever
Perle Besserman, The Woman in Red
William Giraldi, Math Problems
Richard Mills, When the Light is Starting
C. Abe Gaustad, Age of Decaying Cities
Midge Raymond, The Day the Dogs Returned to Earth
Barry Pearce, Accident
Cara Diaconeff, Vocation
Scott Solomon, Jeannie's Dream
Jacquelyn Spangler, Rules of Exile
Tony Houghton, The Night Train
Shannon Cain, Finish
Jodi Daynard, The Unpardonable Crime of Love
Corrina Wycoff, Rebecca
Cara Davis, The Summer My Mother Grew Up
Stacy Bierlein's Reviews: Sebold, Almond, Coshnear, and Chernoff.
Barbara Shoupís, Interview: with Michael Cunningham.

Other Voices #38

Spring/Summer 2003
Michael Winter, The Mystic Branislaw
Steve Almond, Summer, As in Love
Dorian Gossy, Camarado
Amy Stuber. Learn the Ground
Greg Ames, Mara
Kathryn Hughes,Undertow
Meg Waite Clayton, Imagining Isabelle
Joan Wilking, Body Language
Julie Diamond, The Pleasures of Adultery
Roberta Hartling Gates, A Fatherís Handiwork
Heather Swain, Elephantís Pride
Anne duMais McCormick, My Protťgť
Joseph Levens, The Musketeers
Mary Dalton, The Women in the Vines
Patrick J. Murphy, Last Act
Jennifer Paddock, Intimate
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Imitation
Josip Novakovich, Snow Powder
Stacy Bierlien talks with Josip Novakovich.
Stacy Bierlien reviews Living Dead Girl by Tod Goldberg.
Eugene Wildman reviews Walking Bones by Charlotte Carter.
Brian Budzynski reviews The Blue Guide to Indiana by Michael Martone.

Other Voices #39

Fall/Winter 2003
Joe Meno, Happiness Will Be Yours
Leelila Strogov, Paper Slippers
Richard K. Weems, Artistic Endeavor
Shirley Asano, Okaachan's Kitchen
Holiday Reinhorn, By The Time You Get This
Anne Sanow, The Date Farm
Drew Limsky, Quieted
Amy Boutell, Lady in Waiting
Daniel Gutstein, I Wake Sorrow
Laura Ruby, Pigeon
Kevin Wilson, A Limited Supply
Serena Crawford, Year Abroad
Christine Sneed, Optimism
Mary Cross, Do-Sa-Do the Corner Girl
Anne-E. Wood, Habits
Melissa Henderson, Meatloaf
Patrick Thomas Casey, First Communion
Sharon May, Curve of Flight
Stacy Bierlien talks with Glen David Gold.
Gina Frangello reviews Bruiser by Ian Chorao.
Camille Isabell reviews Love Among the Greats by Edith Pearlman.
Stacy Bierlien reviews When the Messenger Is Hot by Elizabeth Crane,
The Beginning of Calamities by Tom House,
and Virtual Lotus edited by Teri Shaffer Yamada.

Other Voices #40

Twentieth Anniversary Issue
Spring/Summer 2004

Leslie Su Cheng, Lianís Day Off
Kim Addonizio, Joke
Stephen Gray, A Lodge in the Wilderness
Ronald F. Currie, Jr., Chapter 18
Melissa Lion, Have Her Home
Becky Hagenston, Grand Canyon
William Forseth, The Telemarketer
Lisa Nerenberg, Coup de Grace
Adam Bevelacqua, Asphyxia
Geoffrey Forsyth, Mud
Michael Mazza, Encore, Don Beppo!
Shauna Seliy, Yokohama
Susi Klare, To This Day
Chung-Hwan Kwak, Cís Journey
Kathleen Toomey Jabs, Combat Town
Rose Moss, The Man of God
Suzanne Tague, Try to Be Good
Michael C. Seward, All Things Bleak and Sordid
Emily Wiser talks with Molly Giles
Molly Giles, Rocks
Barbara Shoup talks with Elizabeth Berg
Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu reviews:
Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
C.W. Cannon reviews: The World of Glass by Eugene Wildman.
JoAnne Ruvoli reviews: The Wrong Stuff by Sharon Fiffer and
Vermeer's Daughter by Barbara Shoup.

Other Voices #41

Fall/Winter 2004
Keith Banner, Princess is Sleeping
Daniel Libman, The Rate of Exchange
Susan Chiavelli, Maybe It Happened This Way
Clara Stites, Nesting on Empty
Elizabeth Burnett, Thank You, The Little People
Katherine Maxfield, The Right Year
Roy Kesey, Triangulation
Molly McNett, Panheads
Benjamin Watson, Rose City
Gary Fincke, Things Worse Than Weakness
Lawrence Cady, Guardian of the Secret
Sue Pace, Wrestling With Demons
Al Masarik, Morning Star
Maryl Jo Fox, The Clearing at Nungwe
Tod Williams, Black Fruit

Spotlight on Dan Chaon
Barbara Shoup talks with Dan Chaon
Dan Chaon, A Story and a Novel Excerpt
Dan Chaon, Five Forgotten Instincts
Dan Chaon, You Remind Me of Me (excerpt)

Special PEN USA Section:
Stacy Bierlein talks with Aimee Liu and Akin Adesokan
Aimee Liu, Faith
Akin Adesokan, Scar City

Stacy Bierlein reviews
Juncture edited by Lara Stapleton and Veronica Gonzalez,
and Homeland by Cris Mazza.
JoAnne Ruvoli reviews
Hidden Place by Shawn Shiflett.
Susan Henderson reviews
Falling Backwards edited by Gina Frangello.
C.W. Cannon reviews
The Perfect American by Peter Stephan Jungk.

Other Voices #42

Spring/Summer 2005
Dalia Azim, All of Me
Abby Mims, The Woman Painting This Picture is Not An Artist
Ian Chor„o, Tony Molloy
Hannah Wilson, Thieves
Bob Levy, Marcus and Rosa on the Boulevard Raspail
Emily Benz, Challenges
Anthony Houghton, Suspecting Roger
Garnett Kilberg Cohen, Relativity
Gabriel Welsch, Independence Day
Megan Martin, Drive
Jay M. Baruch, Breathing
Dinah Cox, Tragedy and the Common Woman
Elizabeth McKenzie, We Know Where We Are, But Not Why
John Stinson, Friends Who Love You
Tracy Miller Geary, Redford Rocks
Joshua Mohr, Their Damascus
Pam Houston talks with Toni Morrison

Paul Bergstraesser reviews
Brain Work by Michael Guista.
JoAnne Ruvoli reviews
Loosing My Espanish by H.G. Carrillo.
Stacy Bierlein reviews
Hairstyles of the Damned by Joe Meno
Barbara Shoup reviews
What You've Been Missing by Janet Desaulniers.