Other Voices #42

Volume 18, Number 42 Fall/Winter 2005

by Keith Hackett
Dalia Azin, All of Me
Abby Mims, The Woman Painting This Picture is Not An Artist
Ian Chorão, Tony Molloy
Hannah Wilson, Thieves
Bob Levy, Marcus and Rosa on the Boulevard Raspail
Emily Benz, Challenges
Anthony Houghton, Suspecting Roger
Garnett Kilberg Cohen, Relativity
Gabriel Welsch, Independence Day
Megan Martin, Drive
Jay M. Baruch, Breathing
Dinah Cox, Tragedy and the Common Woman
Elizabeth McKenzie, We Know Where We Are, But Not Why
John Stinson, Friends Who Love You
Tracy Miller Geary, Redford Rocks
Joshua Mohr, Their Damascus
Pam Houston talks with Toni Morrison

Paul Bergstaesser reviews
Brain Work by Michael Guista.

JoAnne Ruvoli reviews
Loosing My Espanish by H.G. Carrillo.

Stacy Bierlein reviews
Hairstyles of the Damned by Joe Meno
Barbara Shoup reviews
What You've Been Missing by Janet Desaulniers.