Other Voices #43

Volume 18, Number 43 Fall/Winter 2005

by Christine Perri
Melissa Fraterrigo, Scar Serum
John Fulton, A Small Matter
Susan Land, Laureates of the Zoo Bar
Geoffrey Forsyth, Nightwalker
Erika Sanchez, Angels
Sameer Pandya, Welcome Back, Mahesh
Marc DuBois, Down to the Heavens
Roberta Murphy, Did You Miss Me Much?
Susan Henderson, Never Those Girls
Kevin Breen, Fish Ladder
Avital Gad-Cykman, The Gift
Michael Shilling, Black Celebration
Donald Lystra, Hesitation
Anis Shivani, The Abscess of the World
Jami Brandli, Technicolor Wigs
Robert Schwoch, Tag in the Dark

Janet Desaulniers, We Were With Pehoe
Barbara Shoup talks with Janet Desaulniers

Jeffery Renard Allen, Shimmy
Michael A. Antonucci talks with Jeffery Renard Allen

Gina Frangello reviews
The Evil B.B. Chow by Steve Almond.
Kathy Kosmeja reviews
Stop That Girl by Elizabeth McKenzie.

Kat Meads reviews
Many Ways to Get It, Many Ways to Say It by Cris Mazza.

JoAnne Ruvoli reviews
The Logic of a Rose by Billy Lombardo.

Tina Spielman reviews
How to Fall by Edith Pearlman

and All This Heavenly Glory by Elizabeth Crane.