Other Voices #44

Volume 19, Number 44 Spring/Summer 2006

by Lois Hauselman
Joe Meno, What a Schoolgirl You Are
Tao Lin, Love Is a Thing On Sale For
More Money Than There Exists

Catherine Brady, Slender Little Thing
Wayne Harrison, Wild Life
Cheryl Alu, Breathe and the Sounds Will Follow
Brigid Pasulka, How to Be a Dissident
Jennifer Wortman, Tom
Jose Skinner, Crypto
Jessica Breheny, The Ramona
Paul Bergstraesser, Today is Home
Laurie Levy, Is That All There Is
Laura Krughoff, Skinned
Geoffrey Forsyth, Scalps
Katherine Karlin, The Severac Sound
Steve Almond, Every Fear Contains a Wish
Elizabeth Crane, What Our Week Was Like

He Said/ She Said, an Interview
with Steve Almond and Elizabeth Crane

Barbara Shoup, Self Publishing and the Literary Writer

Iliana Regan reviews
Bluebirds Used to Croon in the Choir by Joe Meno.

Stacy Bierlein reviews
Homewrecker edited by Daphne Gottlieb.

JoAnne Ruvoli reviews
Big Cats by Holiday Reinhorn and Story Matters
by Barbara Shoup and Margaret-Love Denman.

Adam Jeffrey Pasen reviews
Choir Boy by Charlie Anders.

Michele Fazio reviews
Giovanna's 86 Circlesby Paolo Corso