"That we wither our breasts. Our lovely bellies."

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B.E. Petronelli

For Love

Take that we starve ourselves.
That the starving is purging us of our unworthiness.

That the wasting away is chiseling away our ugliness.
That there are parts of us best discarded with other shameful waste:

the soft curved belly, the generous nurturing hip, the ample thigh, the plump
nippled tit. Take that we cannibalize ourselves

for its stingiest scraps. Accusing, taunting, pointing the finger,
throwing names at our reflections: Disgusting. Cow. Hog.

That we wither our breasts. Our lovely bellies. That we pare ourselves
to cheekbones, hipbones, the jutting collarbone that say we have atoned

for being more. The sunken, hollow eye–exquisite, rimmed
with its own anemic kohl. Properly chastised for tempting. Delicate purple-blue

blood just beneath the skin. We are sweet plum bruises dying for love,
for it wasn't our fault.