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Issue 5: Phoenix

Bob Sward's Writer's Friendship Series

Book Reviews

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A quick list to poets featured in this issue:

Bei Dao

Frank X. Gaspar

Carol Frith

Muriel Zeller

Dee Cohen

George Wallace

Tom Daley

James Lee Jobe

Mary Zeppa

Daniel A. Olivas

Hannah Stein

Lynne Knight

Walter Pavlich

Derick Burleson


Dee Cohen

Dee Cohen

House in Cambridge

Waiting on the other side
of the Charles 
was the house in Cambridge,
simple as a grade school project,
a shoebox upended and four windows
sliced out with a Stanley knife.
The metal fence came waist high
and the front yard split
into two rectangles,
pages in an open book. 
Seasons tossed upon the lawn, 
the rain, the sun,
the leaves, the snow,
like sheets thrown on a bed
and torn off again.
Every night I'd make my way there--
open the gate,
up the walk, 
bang on the cold door
of his heart.