"Asana is going places today."

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Jordan Powers


Asana is busy-busy, man.
She is singing with the sun
While the lazybones dig deeper
Into their pillows for more snoozing.
Asana is going places today.
Her brown feet are moving.
They are always moving.
Her brown feet.

I hold her brown feet
With their many stories
Of dust and dancing,
Of polished floors and pretty shoes.
A kiss for Asana on the ankle bone;
A kiss for Asana on the bright instep;
For each toe, a kiss also.
A story of kisses
For her brown feet to murmur
In the roads of Accra.
Let them whisper
Under the din of car horns,
Under the laughter of Agona,
Of J's love of saxophones
And shadow.
Let them speak quietly
In the language of Ashanti
Of America and her lonely peoples.
Let them be silent
On the beaches of Winneba.
Let them rest in Sekondi.
Let them stand in the market places
Before the stalls of fruit
And plastic flowers
Where they will plan their travels,
Each one
                                   A brown  boat at dusk.