"...where’s My sister when I need her? "

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John Lorenc

Ms. Baby

Killdeer watches, hangs on for dear
Life. Ms. Baby spits her toothpaste out
All along the edge of the sink, the faucet
Nozzle, the knobs, my hand, my sleeve
Parts the Red Sea like that Moses in her book
She will read afterwards. The bible is a book
Ms. Baby is afraid to read. It scares her; her penchant
For silence with sprinkles on top collides
With the thow shalt nots of the numbered
Commands. Ms. Baby sleeps better on dessert
And the crazy book juxtaposing shades of light.


Mrs. B

James Joyce once said, Mrs. B., Mrs B., my sister this,
My sister that, my sister says, my sister says, where’s
My sister when I need her? His sister sends him postcards
From local places like the grocery store, his favorite
Restaurant, the gas station on Route 102 by the stop sign
With graffiti that says, Jesus was here below the Stop.
Under the Jesus was here are the engraved initials J.H.C.
His sister thinks they might stand for Jesus H. Christ,
But they may also stand for Justice, Hope, Care, which
Is a local non-profit in the area. They have mostly volunteers
Working for them and they like to think initials engraved into
Public property will change the state of the state we’re currently
In and promote the cause of the organization which is promoting
Child-care for middle-income families with two parents and incomes
Over 100,000 dollars. They also promote readings of James Joyce’s works
In an attempt to raise the awareness of the importance of works
Of literature that question the ethical practices of our culture.
James Joyce’s sister wrote: having a good time; nice sign here.
Wish you were here to see it.